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Friday, November 25, 2016

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

When you can’t be with family the next best thing is friends who have become like family.  Our North Ranch group of friends is family—Larry and Geri, Tom and Sandy, Joe and Kathy.  Larry’s cousin Greg and his wife Roselyn joined us yesterday too and we had a fabulous afternoon.  Way, way too much food as usual and just the right of amount of conversation and laughter.  Another great Thanksgiving.

Today was “start getting ready to head to Yuma” day—we played musical vehicles moving trailers, trucks and finally the motorhome.  We both started packing—I am trying really hard not to load so much stuff which will then have to be unloaded when we come home.  There are grocery stores in Yuma and restaurants!  And, we are staying at the Escapees park with full hookups so I can use my washer/dryer—no reason to take the entire closet!

I’ve had dental work done in Mexico several times but this time I will try to take photos and post a detailed blog about the experience.  I am seeing a new to me dentist but one used by friends Mike and Eileen. 

A short blog—I hear a piece of pumpkin pie calling my name!


  1. Glad you a wonderful Thanksgiving:) Have a safe trip to Yuma and visit to Mexico!

  2. Looking forward to you sharing your experience with the new doctor.

  3. Sounds like a day to be thankful for.... And... I can relate to your packing... while it's not necessary to take the kitchen sink, it always feels good to know you have one "just in case" ;-)


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