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Friday, November 4, 2016

Well It’s Official

For the first time since I was old enough to vote I will not be voting in the presidential election.  No ballot in todays’ mail.  As I said in the last blog, this is partly my fault as I did not ask our local clerk and recorder to send my ballot to Arizona but you would think two weeks would be time enough for a piece of mail to be re-sent from Montana to Arizona.  Michael’s ballot arrived a week ago—what happened to mine???  And as I also said in the last blog—if it had to happen I’m glad it happened this election—I’m no fan of either candidate! 

Friday night pizza with Larry and Geri—our local pizza place which we love is changing owners.  Sure hope they don’t mess with the pizza recipe!

Our mornings are cool and the daytime temperatures in the high 70’s—much better that the high 80’s!  We took a very long walk in the desert this morning.

On the local Wickenburg Area Online Garage Sale Facebook page I noticed an advertisement for “lemongrass.”  There was a phone number to text--I purchased two containers of lemongrass and planted it in the flower bed—it smells divine!!!  And maybe it will repel some of these dang mosquitoes we have this year in the desert—lots of people are complaining about mosquitoes and when we first arrived I had lots of bites. 

Really need to get out with the camera and take some blog worthy photos! 


  1. I like the sounds of those day time temperatures in Congress. What a welcome relief that would be for us. We may be there next week at this time depending on how long takes us to plod our way across the country. We will begin our journey early Saturday morning. Could you make sure all those miserable Mosquitoes are gone by the time we get there. Maybe get Mike outside swooshing them all out of town with his new hat eh:)

  2. Ooooops, that should have read 'we will begin our journey 'SUNDAY' morning.

  3. Oh, no!! There aren't mosquitoes in Arizona!! Please get rid of them:)

  4. Mosquitoes? Say it isn't so!! Big bushes of rosemary around out desert home were great for keeping all kinds of bugs out of the house. And the dogs always smelled so good after running along them.

  5. hmmm, no mosquito's down here at least so far anyway. I have another friend who teaches at Harvard and she is jumping on a plane back to Alaska because her ballot never made it. She thinks it is important enough this time around that she must vote, so she is going back home to the polling station to do it.


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