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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy Birthday

Many, many years ago I made a conscious decision not to have children and I’ve never regretted that decision.  But—if I had decided to have children I would want a daughter just like my sweet niece Niki—today is Niki’s birthday and I hope it was a great day for her!  She’s a sweet, kind person through and through.  Niki is a nurse and beloved by her patients.  She’s a great wife/mother/daughter/granddaughter.  We love you Niki!  See you soon!


And here’s another sweet child—not sure what she is doing but she loves those sunglasses!

Tuesday we left the Emmi girl with Geri and Larry—we were on a mission!  Off to Phoenix to buy tile for the kitchen countertops and we were successful.  We made a pre-Thanksgiving Costco run and had lunch at Five Guys. 

Sandy and Tom arrived on Monday evening—we all gathered at Larry and Geri’s Tuesday for a great evening of catch-up and dinner.  Today it was home owner’s association business—a meeting and a work session with the systems administrator who is trying to educate us as to the ins and outs of Google Chromebooks.

So much for Emmi’s separation anxiety cure—we had a setback today, dang it—anyone out there with ideas???   The cowboy started the kitchen countertop project this afternoon—it’s gonna be a messy week or so!


  1. Janna - we had a dog w/severe separation anxiety and tried everything under the sun. She never got over her anxiousness but stopped the barking thanks to this bark control box that emits an ultrasonic tone that got her attention. I got it from 1800PetMeds because they have a money-back guarantee. Well worth the $ if it works. We lent it to a breeder and it was so successful, she bought several. Here's the link:
    Good luck - Lucille

  2. Try this site for stop barking:

  3. When you find the cure. Please send it to us.We left our 3 year old cockapoo in our motor home for 90 minutes alone .When we returned we had no blinds left. She destroyed every one. Yes she is still with us , but it is hard to live with an animal that dictates what you can or cannot do.We must cage her periodically when we are going to be away for a few hours . But longer than that we must kennel her at a cost of 30.dollars.Our love for her is getting very costly. Any ideas out there.

  4. Had several Huskies with this same problem. We took a couple of old t-shirts that were headed to the rag box, wore them & slept in them till they smelled so horribly bad. When we left the shirts would get tossed into the kennels with the dogs & they were happy b/c they could "smell" their human close to them. We didn't care if they tore the shirts to pieces as they were already one step away from the rag box. It was a cherp solution that worked for us. About 3-4 times a year we would replace the shirts with new stinky ones.

  5. Happy Birthday Nikki. What a lovely tribute Janna.
    Sounds like the new digs are still getting spiffed up :-)
    Zero help or opinion on the anxiety :-(

  6. We have that problem here also when Brenda goes away, but she just tells me to suck it up and deal with it.


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