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Monday, November 28, 2016

We Are In Yuma

Sunday morning the wind blew us to Yuma.  It was an easy travel day—just under 200 miles on secondary roads avoiding all the crazy folks returning home after the long Thanksgiving weekend.  We are staying at the Kofa Ko-op Escapees Park out in the country south of Yuma.  The Escapees organization has nineteen RV parks across the nation—some of the parks lease lots, others such as North Ranch have deeded lots.  This park in Yuma has leased lots which if unoccupied by the lessee can be rented to folks like us. 

The Kofa Ko-op Park is quiet, friendly and has a seven acre completely fenced dog park—very sandy but at least there is room to let Emmi run.  Each lot is separated by nice brick fencing and our lot backs to the dog park—convenient!

Today was the day—off to Los Algodones, Mexico for my dental consultation at Rubio Dental Clinic.  I saw Dr. Rafel and was pleased with his demeanor and skill plus he was really easy on the eyes! Winking smileI received a detailed estimate/plan from my dentist in Billings, MT which I gave to Dr. Rafel.  He then examined my teeth and took one x-ray.  His recommendation was to do two of the three crowns recommended by the Billings dentist.  Dr. Rafel thought the one large filling was fine and suggested doing nothing until the tooth bothered me. 

He started the crown process today and the permanent crowns will be ready Wednesday.  He will finish all the work Wednesday afternoon.  Now—the estimate from the Billings, MT dentist for two crowns and three fillings was $3300.  The quote from Dr. Rafel—$1300.  Dr. Rafel is using the same material for making the crowns as they would have used in the US. 

IMG_1013Modern, clean office with free wifi! 

I entered Mexico at 9:40am, walked to the clinic, completed paperwork and was seated in the chair being examined right at 10am.  The dentist examined me, gave the front office my estimate—I agreed and was back in the chair in less than 15 minutes with the work started.  After leaving the dental office I stopped at the Purple Pharmacia to obtain prescription meds without the prescription and was then on my way to stand in line to exit Mexico—except there was no line, maybe 20 people and it progressed quickly.  The border agent asked me, “what are you bringing out?” and I answered, “meds” and he said, “have a good day.” 

IMG_1014Purple Pharmacia/purple Christmas decorations!

It’s simply amazing the difference in price of Mexican meds versus US meds.  I use a anti-viral cream when I develop a cold sore—that cream in the US costs $30 for a tiny, tiny tube—in Mexico, $0.95!!!!  And it works just as well as the expensive US version!  Meloxicam, a long acting non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medication costs about $40/30 pills in the US.  In Mexico it is just over $5!! 

So, I go back on Wednesday to get the permanent crowns and the fillings—my exit from Mexico will most likely take much longer as it will be much later in the day when I leave.

Michael and Emmi held down the fort at the RV park.  When I got back we took a drive, visited Harbor Freight and the mall then found a Dairy Queen.

A good day—life is good.


  1. Thanks for the report on your dental experience. Rubio is the one most mentioned for RV'ers think.

  2. We've always had great luck with the dentists in Algodones. And the difference in price is staggering.

  3. We've always had great luck with the dentists in Algodones. And the difference in price is staggering.

  4. Glad all went well with the dental visit. That is quite a savings!!

  5. Quick service and a good price - including low drug prices - is hard to beat.

  6. 5 years ago we went to Algodones for dental work. Not only did it cost a fraction of the cost in Canada, but to this day I have not seen any dentist again and no problems. Excellent work for small money. We had Dr. Donatt as our dentist. Great guy and speaks english.

  7. Glad to hear your experience has been the same as mine with Dr. Rubio's office. I was very impressed and will continue to use Dr. Raphael for my annual visits. Good luck today (Wednesday). It sounds like you went by yourself. I'll probably do the same for my third and final appointment in three weeks. :)


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