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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trips To Wickenburg

Still no ballot—maybe I can just say after the election, “I didn’t vote for either of those clowns???”  I should have arranged to have our absentee ballots mailed to Arizona but I didn’t.  On the other hand, the ballots were mailed from our local post office on October 14—seems that should have been enough time to get them turned around and on their way to Arizona but no, the post office at home called today and my ballot just showed up at their office again today.  Oh well—I really don’t want to vote in this election unless we have another choice hiding somewhere????

We’ve been to Wickenburg every day this week—Monday and Tuesday to pick up yard sale stuff we purchased and today to get a metal electrical box so the cowboy could install a ceiling fan in our bedroom.  At 5pm this afternoon we have a fan—I am thrilled—see how little it takes to make me happy??? 

Larry has been “logging” at their place trimming trees and wanted an oleadner bush gone—we took it off his hands and planted it in our front yard—we are going to start a hedge row! 

Tonight at Larry and Geri’s as we were leaving we spotted one of the resident owls on the next door neighbor’s antenna—the waxing cresent moon and the evening star were visible behind the owl—would have made a great photo!  Just a bit later we were cleaning up all the ceiling fan install debris and playing ball with Emmi when I spotted the owl again—this time on our neighbor’s antenna.  Those are big birds!  I stuck close to Emmi—didn’t want her being supper!

And the resident princess!


I made lemon cupcakes this afternoon—it is Ms. Pat’s birthday and I made a cupcake delivery to her, Jim, Ellie, Larry and Geri received deliveries and one couple in the ATVing gang here in the park had an ATV accident on Sunday—Susan needed cupcakes most definitely!  That only left four cupcakes out of the whole recipe for Michael and me to consume—that’s a very good thing! 


  1. Hope you get your ballot.......there are many areas on the ballot to vote on.
    Sounds like your Arizona abode is really getting cute.
    Maybe some pictures coming?

  2. Janna, Janna, Janna, don't talk about my Donald that way! He's the Man!!!

  3. The cupcakes are wonderful!! Thank you! One of those owls swooped by Winston and me when we were walking at dusk a few nights ago. It perched on a neighboring antenna. I felt it watching us..... good to keep a close eye on Emmi!

  4. Lemon cupcakes sounds yummy, especially with the very warm weather we are having here in Georgia. Lemon always sounds so refreshing. How nice that your friends received a surprise treat. Wish you had gotten photos of that owl!

  5. A friend of mine tells a story about seeing an owl fly away with a dog bigger than Emmi' in his clutches so maybe tie a rock to her. We thought about putting in some oleander bushes here at DPS but then found out they are poisonous to not only horses but dogs to, apparently their leaves have some oil on them that causes rashes etc. I am sorry to hear about your ballot, I think voting is always important and this year more than most. I can't vote here, rightfully so, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion, and I think it is important that every person exercises their franchise, no matter who they chose. That said I know if enough folks vote, the right woman will win.

  6. Busy, always. I hope you get your ballot.

  7. I agree that oleanders are poisonous, but us kids grew up with them in Phoenix & I don't recall anyone getting sick & that was the "old days" when kids played outside. They are a quick growing hardy hedge in the heat. Good luck with your ballot,we were very tempted to "write in" Snoopy. Becki

  8. I was never happier to get my ballot and put that vote in the mail than I was this year. How lovely to get a ceiling fan over the bed! Lemon cake is my very favorite, having only four in the house would be a good thing here too :-)))) Miss Emmi is such a cutie.


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