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Friday, October 28, 2016

Off To Montana

Way too early this morning I dropped Michael at the Mesa airport, we left North Ranch at 3:30am!  And do we ever have some amazing friends—Emmi was going to have a sleep over with Larry and Geri last night but at the last minute we changed our minds.  I was just going to take her with me to the airport and come home instead of trying to do some shopping.

Nope, Geri said, “bring her to us in the morning.”  At 3:30am!!!  Geri even set the alarm clock—those are friends to cherish and we do!

The cowboy arrived in Montana right on time and was retrieved at the airport by Lonn—Michael called me from the “phone booth” up in the hayfields.  Our house sits by the creek and cell signal is non-existent without the booster which he didn’t want to pack home—so it’s the phone booth up on the hill where the phone receives a signal.  Michael went home to retrieve our Can-Am and the truck—he will drive back to AZ sometime next week.

I was driving away from the airport at about 5:30am.  It took me a while to get back on the other side of Phoenix and I was hungry—by the time I finished breakfast the tile store was open—7am!  After wandering the store for about a hour I finally made a decision and purchased tile for our countertops and back splash.  Floor and Decor—a great store—helpful people, good prices and a good selection. 

OK, now it is 8am and Costco doesn’t open until 10am.  Target wandering and shopping in JoAnn’s killed a couple hours.  I breezed through Costco and was back in Wickenburg before noon. 

Emmi was so happy to see me but she ran around looking for Michael—I’m usually the one taking trips—this is different for the spoiled little pooch!

Sunrise Thursday morning.


There’s been a bit of a kerfunkle with our voting ballots—Michael’s absentee ballot finally came in the mail today but mine is missing in action—I may or may not get to vote and you know what, this election it wouldn’t bother me at all! 


It’s only 4pm as I write this blog but after my sleepless night and early rising—I can hear my bed calling!


  1. I didn't realize it would take 2 trips to get y'all to AZ this year so got a little worried by the title until delving into the blog. Glad all is well... and that's a beautiful sunset (or sunrise)!

  2. Didn't think it would take too long for the ATV retrieval trip :-) Those early morning airport drops make for a very long day - but fun to be up for the sunrise and have all the errands run before noon. You and Emmi enjoy your girl time!

  3. Do you have AT&T for cell phone service? If so, they have a device called a Microcell that connects into your computer and where you may have <1 bar, this will give one a Five bar signal in and around the house. They may attempt to get you to purchase thus device however if proper persuasion is used they will give it to you. We were in your same situation and now have great cell reception.


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