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Friday, October 7, 2016

Big Bears

Twenty plus years ago when Michael and I married there were no grizzly bears in our neck of the woods.  We had black bears and while I have a healthy respect for them, I wasn’t afraid the bears would jump out and get me.  Over the years I’ve had three close run-ins with black bears—as close as 20 feet from me and those bears were just as afraid of me as I was them—running in the opposite direction! 

Well, now it seems we have grizzly bears—a grizzly was hit and killed by a car on the Boulder Road, our neighbors have seen grizzly bears near our home making us just a touch nervous!  Tonight walking Emmi we were coming back up our creek side trail and stumbled upon a HUGE pile of bear scat!!  There is no way to tell just by looking at the poop if it’s grizzly or black bear but my skin sure did crawl!!  Emmi and I made fast tracks back to the house singing all the way—and my singing should scare just about anything away!

Packing, packing and packing some more.  Michael stored away all the equipment today and I cleaned the flower beds—a chore I’m always glad to have finished in the fall so when spring comes the beds can just come to life.  I also wrapped and boxed Christmas presents—we will take them over to Lonn’s before we leave—organized aren’t I!!! 


I finished the binding on this sweet little lap quilt today—I love the colors!

DSCN3375DSCN3379And there is still a touch of color in the trees—the wind has been blowing and the trees are raining leaves.


Life is good!


  1. Janna, You quilting is wonderful !! and your pictures are gorgeous !! Stay away from all bears !! Happy and safe travels !!

  2. No way would I be walking a grizz's appetizer without at least a .45 on my hip.

  3. Well in our country they say you can tell the difference easily, griz scat smells like pepper and has bells in it. But seriously I have run into more grizzlies over the years than blacks and they were usually just as scared of me as I was of them. There is a reason why most folks pictures of bears are of their backsides. Back in my working life I used to have a local bear expert come to our camps and talk about bears and what to do if we encountered one. He actually said blacks were more unpredictable. Oh and he did say singing was a great deterrent, and I do a local screechy version of both of our national anthems when need be.

  4. Love that lap quilt! You live in such a beautiful area:) The grizzly bears must have gotten word, too:) Happy packing!

  5. Grizzlies oh my! Love the pic of that beautiful area, the snow dusting is perfect. But time to get moving south for sure :-) Wonderful quilt, I love those colors.

  6. Aside from seeing some bears in a zoo one time I have never seen a real live bear out in nature. Oh Dear it is such a sheltered life I lead.


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