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Monday, October 3, 2016

Countdown Begins

It’s wet around here—rain through the night and all day today which means our fall colors are probably finished.


Sunday we went to Big Timber spending a couple hours with Nat who has been a little under the weather.  Back home Michael packed and I quilted—I am determined to finish a stack of my own quilt tops before we leave!  I finished a small lap sized quilt Sunday afternoon and am stitching the binding in the evenings. 

But—time is drawing near and the countdown has started!  I packed a few crates today then quilted the rest of the day.  Several years ago I pieced eight Christmas placemats and in the cabinet they resided until today.  I put all eight placemats on the frame at once and straight line quilted them—looks great!  Binding is in the dryer—I will probably take a bunch of these tops and the bindings with me and stitch my way to Arizona.  Another quilt top went on the frame late this afternoon—a star wall hanging I made at a long ago quilt retreat.  I’ve quilted two of these same wall hangings for other quilters and now it’s time to quilt mine. 

So, a few more sleeps and we are heading south—we are both ready.


  1. Your Fall is nearly over and ours has hardly started yet. We're still 2 weeks away from departure but definitely ready to go. Not especially looking forward to going to Florida and will be glad when we once again have the rigs nose pointed in the direction of the good old American Southwest.

  2. The weather in Congress is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Always enjoy your blog. What fun to be going to your other home and meeting up
    with friends you haven't seen for months!! Much work I'm sure, more than we
    probably realize. Lol
    I ask Al Bossance on his blog if any body else was having trouble accessing
    RV Sue and Crew's blog ? Thought I'd check with you and your viewers too.
    Thanks for any comment.

    1. Haven't been able to access it for a couple of days.

    2. Just saw this over on "The Bayfield Bunch"
      RVSue: Al, Some of your readers read my blog, too. My blog will be down for several more days. I'm sorry to use your blog in this way, but appreciate having a way to get the word out to my readers. Best wishes, Sue

  4. How exciting to be planning the trip south to your Arizona home.

  5. Getting ready to move on is always exciting:) Happy packing!

    You need to include some photos of your quilt projects!!

  6. It sounds like it's a busy house with all the projects you want to finish before you go. Enjoy your travels South and connect with us and see where we are

  7. So many projects to finish before you go... but isn't it exciting just thinking about the days ahead?


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