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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cows, Cows and Questions Answered

A couple years ago while enjoying a quilt retreat weekend in Red Lodge, Montana several of us purchased a Buggy Barn pattern book and fabric kit to make a “When The Cows Come Home” quilt.  Buggy Barn patterns are unique in that nothing has to really fit or match up.  This particular pattern has many, many pieces—did I say many, many pieces for each block.  The pieces are sewn together then any excess is just whacked—so each “cow” is unique.  When I saw the sample quilt I knew immediately who was going to receive this one when it was finished.

Well—my sister-in-law Vicky was thrilled—her birthday is today and the quilt came in the mail on Monday.  She and my brother live on our grandfather’s farm in Arkansas and raise cows—appropriate!



Cindy P—yes, we use Canadian pharmacies all the time!  Canada  Your physician must either fax the order to them or you must send them your actual written prescription.  You can go to the website and see what your particular medication will cost in Canada.  Shipping is free and usually doesn’t take long.  We found Canadian medications to cost one third to one half what the same medication costs here in the US. 

Kim Har—how do I hang quilts—well first you have to attach a “sleeve” like the one shown in this photo:

DSCN3460-001I make the sleeve to fit the rod I am going to use to hang the quilt—as you can see, this rod is much smaller than the sleeve but it still works.  I am using this rod:

The directions which came with the rod stated to make a full sleeve the width of your quilt top and snap the black rod holder over the fabric of the sleeve—that doesn’t work as you can see in these photos—see how it puckers the top edge above the hanging clip.


Other versions of this quilt hanger have you make a split sleeve with room for the hanging clip to just clip on the rod and not the sleeve—so that’s what I did today, I took the binding and sleeve off, cut out a section, re-hemmed the edges and hand sewed all the edges to the quilt back. 

DSCN3462DSCN3463Much better

All edges of your sleeve must be sewn down to the quilt back—otherwise your sleeve hangs above your quilt—not a good look!  Does that all make sense Kim—or clear as mud??

Still rather warm here—cooler days are coming—at least that’s what the weather man says????


  1. With all those stars on those cow's butts, I was sure your sister-in-law must live in Texas ;-) Wish you were my sister-in-law... we have a few rooms in our new home I'd sure love to have quilts like yours to decorate with. They are beautiful!

  2. Love you, Janna !! Thank you so very much !! I respect your opinion and appreciate your taking the time to answer ! I'm glad you also showed how you add a sleeve to a wall quilt, you're the best !


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