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Thursday, October 20, 2016

First ATV Ride Of The Season

It’s been a little too warm for ATVing at least in my book but we were all getting antsy! Winking smileSo, today it was breakfast in Yarnell where it’s a little cooler.  It takes about a hour and fifteen minutes to reach the Ranch House Restaurant from North Ranch on ATVs.

IMG_5660IMG_5665Until I uploaded this photo to the computer, I hadn’t notice the witch at the top of the light pole! SmileTis the season I guess!

Back home we both spent some time cooling off as by the time we were back at North Ranch it was a toasty 88 degrees!  I’m doing some paperwork for Nat with the Veterans Administration and it works my brain to its capacity!!!

I am officially unpacked—when we arrived a week ago lots of stuff was just dumped in the office/sewing room.  Today was organization day and I was successful—now I can find something—I hope!

IMG_5667IMG_5668As I was sitting in my chair typing this blog a very healthy looking coyote strolled by the fence—the windows in front of my chair have screens, thus the poor quality photo.

Check this out—because this little girl’s Mom and Dad have decided to move to Germany—really the USAF decided it for them—she has to have a passport.  I’m thinking she really doesn’t like to have her photo taken!



  1. Not sure what the rules are in the US, but Canada doesn't want you smiling so I guess she is just practicing. Looks like Emmi, needs Max and Maya there to put the run on that coyote. They spend most of their days here keeping those critters out of the yard.

  2. US passports are valid for 10 years... that little sweetie is gonna hate that picture when she's 10 years old... but it's downright cute now!

  3. Makes me miss the desert :-) Those Veterans benefits forms are exhausting, I'm hoping we're finally done with Bill's mom's! Beautiful coyote, how lucky to see him nearby. Looks like every passport photo I've ever seen :-)))))

  4. Nice ride to breakfast:) That is beautiful coyote! Can't you hear her now...go ahead and take my picture but I am not smiling! Too funny:)


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