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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Monday night was spent in noisy Billings and Tuesday morning we woke to about 2 inches of wet snow—UGH!  By the time my haircut was finished and I was back at the motorhome, the snow had stopped.  But—it caught up with us in Sheridan, Wyoming in blizzard form!  I was just about ready to say to my driver, “get this thing off the road!” when the snow stopped and we could see patches of blue sky ahead.  The rest of Tuesday we traveled on dry pavement—a very good thing! 

Tuesday we spent the night near windy, cold Muddy Gap, Wyoming in the Independence Rock rest area.  Gosh it was miserable—we tried to go out and walk around the huge granite rock early settlers used as a landmark but it was just too cold to stand in that wind reading plaques.  We did spot some of the signatures the men and women carved into the granite—but we didn’t tarry long!

And in the midst of all that cold and wind—the refrigerator stopped working on propane!  Our only choice for refrigerator power was to start the generator and leave it running all night—a first for us!  The motorhome has a Hydro-Hot heating system located under our bed in one of the bays—it’s noisy and we never use it at night but last night with the generator going, 27 degrees and windy—we used the heat.  Semi trucks came and went all night adding to our noise and my lack of sleep.

Today we covered some miles and tonight we are parked in what we consider a little slice of paradise.  It’s an OHV staging area south of Moab, Utah where we have boondocked in the past with Larry and Geri.  It is quiet and there isn’t another soul in sight!  Plus it is about 70 degrees and the cowboy has the refrigerator working on propane again—he just couldn’t make himself go out in that cold wind last night and I couldn’t blame him!! 


Emmi has been walked and we’ve played ball—life is good, especially for the pooch!


  1. You should have great weather from there south ward!

  2. I sure do understand and appreciate those wonderful traveling 'AHHHHHHH' feelings when they occur. Smooth sailing for you now:))

  3. Oh Wyoming...bad memories for us getting hit by 70mph crosswinds. It can be darn cold and blustery there.

  4. That is a great rest area at Independence Rock. Guess you didn't climb to the top of the rock to view those signatures...haha! You may have had a free trip flying back to the rig! Sorry to hear about the frig; glad Michael got it working again:) A handyman is necessary in this lifestyle. Safe travels for the rest of your journey.

  5. Happy to hear you made it out of the snow. The weather is warmer, the wind is behaving, and the Cowboy got the fridge working. Life is good.

  6. Happy to hear you made it out of the snow. The weather is warmer, the wind is behaving, and the Cowboy got the fridge working. Life is good.

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  8. Good to hear you are south of the snow line. A couple of weeks and I will follow your lead.

  9. Yuk, cold, damp and windy! Glad that's all behind you and just a chilly memory. I love those words "Fixed it!"


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