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Monday, October 24, 2016

Doors, Flu Shots, Haircut

You are all probably weary of my bragging about the cowboy’s talents—but look what he made:

DSCN3448He made the door and all the hardware.  Here’s a couple “before” bathroom photos:

DSCN3445It’s a tiny bathroom—5 feet by 8 feet!  The toilet is behind that door so you must enter the bathroom and close the door to find the toilet.

DSCN3447There, you can see the edge of the toilet behind the door and you can see there’s not much room between the door edge and the vanity.  Now, it looks like this--

DSCN3449Much better—we have to buy some door handles and today he installed the lower hardware.  Not only does it look great but it works!

Today was flu shot day—we used the clinic in Congress and killed a bunch of trees judging from the amount of paperwork we had to complete—next time I’m going to Safeway!  We are firm believers in flu shots—when I traveled frequently via airplanes—I was sick all the time with a cold which of course I would then share with Michael.  A flight attendant heard me hacking and coughing one evening.  She told me “it makes no sense but if you will get a flu shot, you won’t get sick so often.”  Well—she was right! 

And poor little Emmi got a haircut today—I do it myself and today was experiencing extreme regret!  She has always been difficult to groom but today Ms. Emmi was on a tear—it’s not the greatest job I’ve ever done but at least she is cooler.

DSCN3442Pre-haircut with her new ball.

DSCN3454Sunset Sunday night.


  1. I am a fan of flu shots, I have been taking them for about 14 or 15 years and can't remember a bad flu over that time. Some of that is probably just luck but what the heck it takes about 10 minutes to get 'er done up here and it is free so why not.

  2. My aunt almost died from the flu shot. Here doctor said so not a crazy old lady. She was paralyzed for over a week and in ICU for two weeks.
    My "foster" mom got sick every year she got the shots.
    My cousin got deathly ill when she use to take the shots. And she almost always got the flu anyway.
    That's just three people in my life that will NEVER take another flu shot. I haven't had one in 15 years and will never have another one.

  3. We get flu shots every year and have had no issues. As a surgical RN, Jeanette had to have the flu shot and she was never sick. We continue that objective in retirement and very seldom, if ever get ill.

  4. I really like that great sliding door Mike built. He is clearly handy.

  5. Love the door! What a creative idea. About the flu shot--I got two in my life and I feel strongly that the last shot left me debilitated. So I tell my doctor that if everyone else gets a shot, I won't have to get one :-D

  6. Love that door! I didn't get flu shots until maybe 3 years ago... don't know if it helps, but I haven't had any kind of flu symptoms in years so it didn't hurt.

  7. The door looks terrific !! Cowboy is so very talented and of course he's very lucky to have you !! I have a question, do you or any of your friends use Canadian Pharmacies ?? My medication is very expensive and so much more reasonable in Canada ! Thank you !

  8. Michael, the door is wonderful! Sure looked uncomfortable getting into the bathroom before. The sliding barn door really opened up the space. Great job and so clever!!

  9. So nice when a practical solution is also beautiful. I remain convinced there's nothing the two of you can't do :-) We haven't had a flu shot or the flu in a dozen years, but fortunately they are easily available for those who find they help. At least you're trimming Emmi yourself. I've yet to brave doing Tessa.


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