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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life Is Busy

Monday was the first homeowner’s association meeting of the season—I am the secretary and was a touch overwhelmed at this busy meeting.  Our yearly election is held in February and there are many tasks which must be completed before then—many which fall under my list.

In the afternoon Geri and I attended a fashion show of Cabi clothing—fun and entertaining—beautiful stuff but a touch expensive. 

We’ve been taking short walks in the mornings before it gets too warm—don’t want to run into any more snakes!  After our walk we drove to Wickenburg—first stop was a garden center/nursery for some shrubs to plant along side the house where we removed the large trees last year.  A stop at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store netted us a power cord and a “looks brand new, never used” angel food cake pan.Smile

We enjoyed lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, stopped at the hardware and grocery stores then headed home so Michael could assemble his new toy!!

Many, many years ago in another life Michael installed those huge flying saucer sized satellite dishes.  The man is talented, I am telling you!  His mother decided she wanted one of those satellite dishes—they lived on the ranch where TV reception was non-existent.  Joy told Michael if he would learn how to install and service the satellite dishes, she would front the money to set him up in business.

When we first married and would be driving around the county, he would point and say, “I installed that dish….I installed that dish…..”  He did very well financially with that little side business.  Well, technology moves on.  Michael then contracted with our local telephone co-op to install and service the smaller dishes of todays’ technology.  With these dishes one of the job perks was free programming. 

A few years pass and Wal Mart as well as other big box stores start selling the small satellite dishes and Michael’s side career in that technology ended.  We came home one evening, turned on the TV and found a message scrolling across the screen which ended our free programming.  The cowboy said, “I’m not paying for TV.”  Without a satellite dish of some sort, TV reception at our house is also non-existent.  So, for the last 15 to 18 years we have had no TV at home.  In the motorhome we occasionally pick up over the air channels but not at home in Montana.

OK—now for the power cord and Michael’s new toy—our friends Mike and Pat were selling a large TV—they purchased a new, bigger one.  They included a sound bar with the deal but couldn’t locate the power cord for it—Re-Store to the rescue!  So, we go from no TV to purchasing a normal size TV from Tom and Sandy last season, to this nice, huge one with great sound—the cowboy is thrilled.  We receive a large number of over the air TV channels and he’s happy!

Our friends Bonnie and Robert are here briefly getting their park model/lot ready to sell—they bought a house here in North Ranch late last spring.  We enjoyed a happy hour this afternoon with them plus Larry and Geri—Bonnie and Robert will return after Thanksgiving.

See—we are busy—and now I have shrubs to plant! 


  1. Got that big screen just in time for the final Presidential debate eh! Take my advice, watch it in Spanish, it will make more sense.

  2. I see a new sat dish in your future :-) Michael looks so good for being 200 years old, which he has to be for all he's done and knows how to do!!!

  3. You can watch the Razorbacks now!

  4. We haven't had a TV for nearly 40 years and could care less.... HOWEVER... I just can't do without internet.... We do have our priorities....

  5. Enjoy your big TV, Michael!! Good to hear you are keeping busy:)


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