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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Visit

On Sunday afternoon I called Lonn to see if they minded visitors—nope, come ahead he said and oh, by the way, dinner will come off the grill about 5:30—how cool is that!  We got to see the great grand babies and enjoy a delicious dinner of prime rib!  Oh, yea, we got to see the rest of the family too!Winking smile

Lora is just weeks shy of being two years old—one of her constant refrains is, “read to me, read to me.”  Mimi was happy to oblige--

Lora is simply adorable—wild at times but a joy!  She is starting to speak well—at least we can understand her now!  When asked who that whiskered cowboy was she replied, “Grandpa!” 

While in Arizona I started a quilt for Michael and Katie’s baby.  His early arrival put a hitch in the quilt plans and my recent extended trip to Arkansas really put a hitch in the plans.  But, finally I was able to give the quilt for baby Brooks to Michael and Katie—the colors are more lime green, teal and brown than this photo shows--

JuneBrooks has grown so much since I last saw him—isn’t that hair just the best!

 Out for a little exercise today.

Tuesday I took Emmi to our veterinarian for her yearly checkup—all is well, Emmi wasn’t impressed but then she never is!  Michael puttered with the RZR and the trailer we will use when hauling the RZR behind the truck camper—adventures are being planned—stay tuned!

DSCN2684Sainfoin—growing in the neighbor’s field above our house—it’s a type of hay and has a very pink cast to it—strange.

DSCN2706Lora and Aunt Katie

And after all these years, the peonies are blooming--



  1. That spikey dark hair is cool!!
    Our son & daughter-in-law took the twins out to Colorado this week and have some carriers similar to the ones pictured. The kids are 2 1/2 months shy of being three but probably couldn't keep up on hikes. Hayden was so excited, she kept telling us she was "goin' hiking in the mountains". Anyway, they keep wanting to ride in their "book bags" as they call the carriers. Too funny.

  2. You can never start reading to them too soon! she really looks engrossed! Love that little tyke's hair!

  3. What cuties ! Now here's where my "evil" side shows: Brooks' hair picture is the perfect one to display at his wedding rehearsal dinner when both families show pictures of their children's growing up years).


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