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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Small Town USA

In spite of a brisk gale force wind and temps in the high sixties, Big Timber managed to pull off another Sweet Grass Fest today.  Small town USA at its finest.  There was something for everyone—the local sheriff’s department allowed themselves to be dunked into what had to be icy water by folks throwing balls at the drop lever.  A “bouncy house” was erected for the children, there were food and craft vendors plus a huge car show and parade.  At one of the local bars there was a bloody mary bar and music later in the afternoon.  Proceeds from the dunking booth and bouncy house went to our local cancer alliance. 

DSCN2635-001This flag was absolutely huge and those folks were struggling to hang on in that wind—what a fitting tribute at the head of the parade!

Town was crowded and we visited with lots of friends and neighbors.


DSCN2624DSCN26281957 Corvette belonging to Mary Beth and Bill—folks I knew when living in Powell, WY who have since moved to our neck of the woods.

DSCN2631There were food vendors but the wind was blowing so hard and there was little seating so the cowboy and I retreated to one of the local restaurants for lunch. By the time we finished in the crowded restaurant, it was time for the parade.  We found a sunny spot a little out of the wind and enjoyed!

DSCN2651DSCN2657Ken and Leslie on a motorized buckboard Kenny built complete with oogah horn! Smile



DSCN2675This young woman is a farrier (person who shoes horses)—take note and look closely, Katie is making sure her little baby girl has the same love of horses!

Emmi stayed with Nat and after the festivities we spent some time visiting with him.  A great day in Montana!

DSCN2638Hey Jeane, recognize that child in the lower right??


  1. Everyone loves a parade... and I loved going to yours through the photos!

  2. There is nothing like a small town parade and get together. But that wind was really wicked and I don't envy them trying to hang on to that flag.

  3. Looks like it was a magical day...

  4. We love small town America! We've been lucky enough to be in some towns for their parades and festivals. So nice:) Looked like a great day even with the chilly breeze (better than the heat in my book).

  5. Wonderful to get an advance look at this cute little town. I'm hoping those cooler temps stick around, and of course that the winds go away. I can always hope right? Love the mule team!!

  6. I grew up in small towns and often long to return to that environment.

  7. You gotta love small towns. Everyone gets involved, you get to have mini reunions and theres all sorts of fun

  8. You gotta love small towns. Everyone gets involved, you get to have mini reunions and theres all sorts of fun


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