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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This And That Days

Michael has finished our haying over the last two days—he’s glad to have that job behind him!  I’ve been quilting—one of my own projects—amazing isn’t it!  It’s a gift and as soon as I find some binding fabric and attach it, the quilt will be finished!

Here’s the t-shirt memory quilt I longarm quilted for a friend--

DSCN2611DSCN2612Just a large stipple—I’ve never quilted a t-shirt quilt and was concerned about the stiffness of the stabilizer and the sticky feel of some of the t-shirt designs.  I shouldn’t have worried, my big ole quilting machine just hummed right along with not one tension problem!

Yesterday afternoon late, Michael and I picked another large container of strawberries—there is no comparison to store bought strawberries and these fresh picked ones!  We enjoyed sliced strawberries with ice cream last night and may do so again tonight!

This afternoon we went to town for hydraulic fluid and to deliver some wood racks Michael created for friends Geoff and Nancy.  The cowboy is busy checking his projects off the list! 

Another beautiful day in Montana, 80 degrees and the wind finally stopped blowing!



  1. That t-shirt quilt is such a treasure.... I wish I'd saved some of the ones I've bought in our 15 years of traveling in our RV... they would have made a great memory quilt. Whatever those blue flowers are, they are lovely!

  2. We cooled down to 80 yesterday,as well!! But...back to 95 for two days:( That quilt is such a great idea, but as you mentioned in your previous post, those may not be used t-shirts. There is no way that black would be that bright after washing. She must have bought doubles with this quilt in mind:)

  3. Yes those shirts look pretty new, but the quilt is such a great idea, and beautifully done! Nothing better than fresh strawberries - especially on ice cream :-) We're looking for cooler temps and no strong winds when we get to Montana in a couple weeks....if you could be working on that :-)))))

  4. Oh my. I have a huge stash of fabulous tee shirts that I am saving for a memory quilt. Hope I manage to do it someday. Your quilting looks wonderful, the simple stipple was perfect for the project.


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