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Monday, June 20, 2016

No Internet

DSCN2600Big stick for a little dog!

No, I didn’t disappear again but our internet sure did.  Our local co-op telephone company outsources its technical support and if this weekend was any indication, they need to outsource it elsewhere!  Saturday morning at 7am we didn’t have any internet and service wasn’t restored until 1pm today.    On Saturday morning, the technician walked me through all the normal stuff—unplug, move to different telephone jack, use different telephone cord, etc.—nothing worked so evidently it must be a problem in my home.  Technical support told me over the weekend no outage had been reported. Wrong!  I couldn’t contact any of our close neighbors on Saturday morning and by Sunday I had given up knowing nothing would be done until Monday.  I wasn’t a bit pleased to find this morning a large number of our friends/neighbors had also been without internet all weekend and had reported their problems to that wonderful technical support group. 


Michael started cutting hay Saturday and finished baling ours today.  He also cut the hay at our neighbors which they give to us for the cutting.  I’ve been busy doing yard work and cleaning house.

Nat and his companion/caretaker Barb came up for Father’s Day dinner Sunday, it’s been forever since he came up the Boulder.  We had a wonderful lunch and afternoon visiting. 

Today I loaded a customer quilt and finished it—a simple meander on a memory quilt for a friend’s grandchild graduating from high school.  The t-shirts were in such great shape I am thinking the mom of this child either wouldn’t let him wear the shirts or she bought extra ones for this quilt.  I think it turned out great and the quilt will be delivered either tomorrow or Wednesday.

DSCN2604Look Claire and Robyn—we have strawberries this year!!

DSCN2605Notice the cowboy’s attire—a coat was required this morning—it was a touch nippy!

On the longest day of the year—another beautiful day up the Boulder.


  1. No internet is so frustrating and then to have them tell you nobody reported an outage - would make me even more unhappy with them. Tell Emmi to take her stick after them. We ran the heat this morning in the trailer for a little while and now have the air on. Sure glad we're not in Arizona though.

  2. Those strawberries look delicious! (and I like the bowl you put them, too)

  3. You two certainly keep busy!! The cooler temps sound heavenly, we're not loving the triple digits in Northern Colorado :-( Great pic of Michael in the field.

  4. I'm with Jodee! To wear a cost sounds heavenly! Hope you get something straightened out with your internet...what a pain!


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