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Friday, July 1, 2016

Trying Out The New Machine

Wednesday morning we loaded the new Polaris RZR and headed over to Sarge and Sarah’s for a ride up Mill Creek.  It was a very warm day and we experienced a first—on top of the divide at almost 10,000 feet elevation where the wind is usually blowing hard enough to knock us off that narrow ledge there wasn’t a breath of wind!  And it was warm—we have always worn coats when up there. 

IMG_5221We encounterd a few snow banks—Sarah decided walking was smarter than riding up the one Sarge is about to tackle and got out shortly after I took the photo.  Once I saw how much trouble Sarge had, I got out too!


IMG_5234IMG_5239Looking over into Yellowstone Park

Sarah and her family own some gold mining claims in the area and we left the ridge to have lunch beside a small lake on one of the claims--

IMG_5250The lake was nice and clear until Callie decided to take a bath! Winking smile


Michael has been busy getting the new machine road ready—the roof and windshield arrived today as well as the cooler I ordered which had to be a specific size to fit in the space the cowboy designated! He installed the horn and I hate to say this Tom and Sandy but I think we will win the “loud horn contest” this year!   While in town this morning I licensed the rig and I think we will be ready for our adventure. 

Late this afternoon I mowed the grass then spent some time loading the truck camper—yep, we are sticking close to home for the holiday weekend—quieter that way—but then the adventure begins!



  1. Lovely pictures! Almost like being there.

  2. Nothing like seeing snow this time of the year.

  3. Amazing that it was warm "up there"! The mountains are beautiful as is the little puppy-bath-lake. Your new toy sounds like it's going to be lots of fun!


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