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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Getting Back To Normal and Homemade Tortillas

DSCN2580When I left for Arkansas, we were still experiencing cool weather and the flowering shrubs in our flower beds had not blossomed.  Fast forward almost four weeks with some extra hot weather thrown in and we have an abundance of gorgeous flowers and of course weeds!  Over the last couple days we’ve had rain so everything is growing—weeds, grass, flowers—making our little neck of the woods lush and green.

DSCN2582DSCN2585And not only did the grass/weeds/flowers grow in my absence but so did Emmi’s fur—shaggy little thing, isn’t she!DSCN2588A bath yesterday and haircut today.

We eat a lot of tortillas—well, Michael eats more than I do as I really haven’t found a store bought flour tortilla I like—they are all so thick, doughy and tough.  When I make tacos or fajitas, I will frequently just skip the tortilla.  Years ago we discovered the taste of homemade tortillas when we were in Mexico and that experience spoiled us.  As we were driving the truck and fifth wheel to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico we would travel through these small villages.  Each village had at least one huge speed bump—topes—so large we almost came to a stop to prevent causing damage.  When travelers slowed, the Mexican people came out into the highway selling stuff—and tortillas were sold in almost every little town.  Light, favorful, perfect tortillas!

Well, today I made tortillas—and they were absolutely delicious—light, flavorful and just about perfect!  I used a recipe recommended by Judy of Patchwork Times and followed it exactly.  It really wasn’t difficult nor did it take very long, plus I always have on hand all the ingredients.


Chuck is better and we are so thankful.  We thank all of you readers for your thoughts and prayers.  He is waking up and talking some—progress!



  1. I like flour tortillas better than corn... will have to try that recipe. What are those blue flowers? They are beautiful!

  2. I've always bought the low carb tortillas because they are so tender. That being said, there is no comparison to homemade. I see your future this winter at your social gatherings--Janna's homemade tortillas!

  3. Now every one is happy and cozy at home!

  4. So happy to hear Chuck is doing better. Yes what are those Blue Flowers? I would love the recipe for the tortillas please. We have the worst tortilla in the world in Canada.

  5. Love seeing all the beautiful flowers have welcomed you home! Emmi is so cute :-) Nothing better than homemade tortillas, glad to hear they are easy and thanks for the link! May have to give those a try.


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