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Monday, June 27, 2016

Change In Toys

One evening last week Michael was stacking hay and I had driven the Can-Am up to the irrigation ditch to see if we had water.  Driving back down to the hay yard the Can-Am felt as if it had a flat tire then I lost all steering—nothing, steering wheel turned but wheels didn’t.  Sure am glad I was on mostly flat ground and not doing 40mph on a road or coming down off some of those steep, rocky hillsides in Moab! 

The cowboy/mechanic tore apart the Can-Am finding a bad coupling and then the trouble started.  No parts—no where, none!  Our Can-Am has only 2000 miles on the odometer.  After searching the internet for the part we ended up contacting BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) via email.  In less than 15 minutes we had a reply.  Seems there is a safety recall for this very issue—loss of steering.  New parts are being manufactured and will not be available until around the first of July.  Repairs will be covered by BRP and we have a slot at the local dealer in Bozeman once the parts arrive.  We had never thought to contact BRP and change ownership so as to receive recall notices. Sad smile

OK—we have plans which involve ATV riding with other people—Larry and Geri plus some Canadian friends.  We’ve been talking about buying a smaller ATV—our Can-Am is 58 inches wide.  Many states are designating ATV trails be only 50 inches wide—we wouldn’t fit in the Can-Am.  So—we didn’t really want to get down to the wire and find out the parts wouldn’t be available by July 1.  Friday we went to Billings and purchased a 50 inch Polaris 900 Trail RZR.  We may or may not sell the Can-Am once its repaired—we will see.


Saturday we spent the day in Big Timber at the Fest and parade.  Sunday morning we headed up to Mocassin Lake to try out the new toy—not as roomy as the Can-Am—no place for Emmi to sit other than in our laps but otherwise—we like it!  Michael spent the day installing wiring for the GPS and a box in the rear to hold all our “stuff.”  We’ve ordered an after market roof and windshield—should be here by Friday we hope!


IMG_5219Wild columbine flowers alongside the trail.

IMG_5209The rear end of one huge bear we spotted on the trail out in front of us.

Sunday night we enjoyed dinner with Lonn and the kids—photos on the next blog.

Chuck is improving slightly every day back in Arkansas—still in the hospital but doing better. 


  1. So glad you are all right. I am sure it was quite scary. We hiked on an ATV trail today and the sign said the vehicles couldn't be over 50 inches wide. Funny you write about the size because this was the first time I've seen a size sign. Glad you like the new toy:) I'm sure Ms Emmi doesn't mind riding on your lap! That is a HUGE bear! Great photo!

  2. You might have to carry a 'trail stretcher' with you on the Cam-Am if you continue to use it.

  3. Glad you got your new toy... would sure hate seeing photos of your beautiful scenery.. especially that bear!

  4. Glad to hear you are not toyless! Yikes to the bear!

  5. Yow. A windshield is an after-market buy? One would think a windshield is a safety product and thus included in the basic "Whatchagets" package. What's next? Seats sold as extras?

    Regardless, I love those Trail RZR's. So cute!

  6. Smart to get right-sized before arriving at trail and finding out you can't drive it! Guess the "little hiccup" with the Can Am may have been a blessing after all. That is one enormous bear!!


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