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Monday, February 29, 2016

Talented Guys!!

Saturday was a day of chores—bathe the dog, laundry, vacuuming, etc.  In the evening we joined the rest of the ATV gang for potluck and bean bag tossing.  Emmi thought those bean bags made great chew toys—she was absolutely certain everyone was tossing those for her!  The food was awesome as usual!  Several of our gang are missing in action—Fred and Nancy are back in Oregon dealing with a very ill family member, Joe and Kathy are playing in California and Cathy has left Mike home alone at North Ranch while she is back home in Washington for a while.  We miss them all!!

While I dealt with North Ranch HOA business this morning, the cowboy started a painting.  By late afternoon he had created this:

DSCN2159The colors are much more vivid on the actual painting—I love it!!  Geri told Michael about this artist, Jerry Yarnell who does a Saturday morning TV program.  We accessed his website and purchased a couple of his CD’s and the cowboy has been learning!   Yarnell has a wealth of information on his website and when we are back in Montana on unlimited GB’s Michael can watch more videos.

And then the “cowboy” arrived.  Our friend Tom is a woodcarver, a very talented woodcarver.  At the end of last season I asked him if he would carve a “cowboy” for me.  Today the finished product arrived—Michael was delighted as was I.  It looks so much like my cowboy and the detail is amazing!


DSCN2152-001Right down to our brand on the chaps and his whiskers!

DSCN2165Thank you so much Tom!!!

Life is good!


  1. 1. Cowboy is a very good artist. That is a beautiful painting
    2. Cowboy carving does look like your cowboy.

  2. The "cowboy" carving is very cool, I love the details. Becki

  3. The "cowboy" carving is very cool, I love the details. Becki

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  5. Both Mike's Painting and the Carving are Fantastic!!

    Brenda Brown. (Managed to get a google account. Now I just have to figure out why it says Me instead of Brenda on it lol)

  6. I like Mike's painting. Good stuff. Great wood carving & it does look like Mike. Next time at TSC better get a can of black spray paint & give Mike's white hat a good spraying:))

  7. Love both art projects. Yarnell is very talented.

  8. How fun to be the artist and then be the subject - good cowboy stuff all around! Now you need to get a carving of you to go with him :-) Hope you're able to hang Mike's painting in the new abode.

  9. Talented guys, for sure! Love the painting...wonderful. I love the perspective you get looking at the road. And the carved cowboy is so neat. Thanks for the close ups so we could see the details.

  10. Both are fantastic pieces of art.

  11. Love the painting and carving. Michael, you are really getting good.

  12. You can say you know two very talented artists.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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