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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Columbus, Montana is a small town with a population of less than 2000 people situated between Big Timber, MT and Billings.  But on Sunday a Columbus, MT company will be making a big bang—they are supplying all the fireworks for the 50th Super Bowl—how cool is that!!  AND—that’s not all the fame Columbus, Montana will have on Sunday—a native son—Dwan Edwards—has played defensive tackle for South Carolina since 2012.  Click on the link and read the story—it will warm your heart!!

Wednesday morning the phone rang and Larry said, “cinnamon rolls ready at 12:30!!”  All righty then, we will be there.  Geri baked and invited all the ATV gang over—delicious rolls, good coffee and conversation!  We know how to operate when the weather is too cold for ATVing don’t we!!

I’ve been busy, busy painting—I want this job finished so have been slinging that paint brush right and left!  Painted so much I ran out of paint—Barry and Donna were in heading to Wickenburg and were kind enough to grab another gallon for me. 

Our grandson-in-law John has departed on an adventure with the USAF—he is now in South Korea for a year—Laci and baby Lora are hanging out in Montana with Grandpa Lonn for a while before venturing off for some travel of their own.  Here’s hoping that year goes by really fast! 

Thursday afternoon I finished the master bedroom—only one more room to paint, the laundry room which wasn’t exactly designed well—there are several design issues with this house—the laundry room is very small with a huge laundry sink, washer/dryer and hot water tank.  Can you say crowded and hard to paint??


  1. I heard about the fireworks on the news the other day. That's exciting. We had cinnamon rolls this morning so I didn't drool too bad when I saw yours.

  2. Maybe by the time you finish painting the weather will have warmed up. Good luck with the election tomorrow.

  3. I thought for sure you'd post a photo of your new hair color ;-) Were those rolls still warm when you got there? I can almost taste them clear down here!

  4. Here I thought I wasn't hungry after having lunch this afternoon, only to open your blog up to those rolls ... I've got to get some of those.


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