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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Been A LOOONG Time

Since I’ve shampooed carpets!  Several years ago I shampooed the ceiling carpet in our motorhome but it’s been probably 25+ years since I’ve done carpet.  It’s a job—I have blisters on the palm of my right hand from dragging the machine back and forth, back and forth!  Wednesday I shampooed the living room carpet and part of the hallway leaving us a way of getting to a bathroom.  Today I did the rest of the carpet.  It looks great!

Michael and Emmi took a CanAm ride with some of the ATV gang today and came home with ONE photo for you readers—may have to fire that photographer!  Photos of me shampooing carpets would not be entertaining!!

IMG_4364Not sure what these two were doing but I’m sure they were up to no good!

Other than leading the yoga group this morning, life has been kind of boring—shampooing carpets is not exciting—it’s hard work!  Tomorrow will be exciting—Sandy and I are getting on a big bus before the crack of dawn and heading to Phoenix with a bunch of quilters for a quilt show—a BIG quilt show!

Life is good!


  1. Next time your carpets need cleaning just bite the bullet and hire someone:)

    Have a great time at the quilt show!

  2. Nothing makes a house feel cleaner than freshly shampooed carpet! I'm not sure about that ATV modification though...... Have fun at the show and be sure to take lots of pics to share :-)))

  3. Can't wait for the photos from the quilt show. So much fun!

  4. Take pictures...lots and lots of pictures!! :o)) Can't wait!

  5. What is that contraption (wheel?) those guys have?


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