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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Just Thought I Was Finished!!

Monday about lunch time I put away all my painting supplies, closed up the paint and said, “I’m finished!!”  The inside of the house was painted, done, finished.  Well, that lasted until today!Smile 

Another owner of this home enclosed the carport creating a workshop and creating an awkward entrance to the house.  We intend to remove the walls re-creating a carport/patio area but probably not until next year.  We want to move the house entry door and the steps leading to that door.

Today I found the cowboy standing in that carport/workshop staring contemplatively up at where the new entry door is going to be—“I think I’m going to tie into moving that door and the steps.”  So, I guess you know what that means—yep, more painting after he rips a hole in the sheetrock for the new door and closes in the area where the former door was located. 

Monday evening we were invited to Mike and Cathy’s along with the rest of the ATV gang for pizza and cheesecake—strange combination, right—but let me tell you, it was delicious!!!  Cathy had fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and chocolate syrup to go with the cheesecake—I thought about skipping pizza and going straight to cheesecake!  It was the best evening—we sat around their propane fireplace telling stories—good people and good times!!!

Sunday morning Geri gave me lessons on using Windows Movie Maker and I helped her load Open Live Writer.  Geri does a fabulous job creating movies of ATV rides we’ve done.  She creates CD’s and gives them to all of us. 

Our weather has warmed up significantly and we’ve been taking longer walks in the desert.  Today after yoga and lunch we headed to Wickenburg for a haircut for me and groceries. 

And that’s our story for the last few days—no photo taking—I’ll try to do better for the next blog!Winking smile


  1. Glad your weather is looking better... those walks in the desert sound wonderful. As for the painting... you really didn't think you were done, did you? ;-)


    Check out Norma's blog...there might be a bear sighting at Road!

  3. I think the Cowboy just wants to keep you busy.

  4. I'm betting that Mike's reno changes will enhance your desert home.

  5. Nope, never really done - especially when you're married to a DIYer! I think pizza and cheesecake sound pretty yummy :-)


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