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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Jumped The Gun And An ATV Ride


I jumped the gun!  I am reverting the blog back to the Blogger format for the time being until I educate myself more about changing templates, etc.  I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused our readers. 


I really appreciate all the comments I received about the new blog appearance.  I’m finding there is a lot you can’t do when you are using a free WordPress template.  Maybe you can do more if you have better computer skills than mine–I’ve searched the templates trying to find the exact one to match what I had with Blogger but I don’t think it exists! Templates which match Blogger templates more closely have white backgrounds.  I want a colored background.  I don’t like how the “Archive” list is so long, I would like to create a drop down menu for that list. I’m not finished and will continue trying to refine what I’ve done so far. 


We were loaded and rolling out of North Ranch by 9am this morning, seven rigs and ten people plus our mascot, Emmi.  Vulture Peak trail head was our destination–we’ve ridden in this area before but some of the group had not.  We were in search of this crested saguaro and it’s companion–


Plus the cave/arch we had found earlier in the season–


The weather was perfect, the company spectacular and the scenery breathtaking!  A very good day.

And speaking of our mascot Emmi–Tuesday we practiced some of Cesar’s–the dog whisperer tricks.  We only left her for thirty minutes but Michael sneaked back over to our yard at about 15 minutes and she was not howling.  We will continue to practice–and hope!

Life is good!


  1. I passed you guys on highway 93 south of the Big Spurs round-a-bout this morning:))

  2. No apologies necessary.... I wish I had the nerve to experiment with my blog... Love those cactus photos!

  3. Love the saguaro's. I too, experimented with wordpress, but just didn't like it as much as blogger. I'll take a misspelled word every now and then for the convenience of the new Live writer. If's it's something I really want to get correct, I just google it.:-)

  4. I've not had the issues with Blogger that others have had with LW so I'm just hanging out here :-) Wonderful crested pics, they are so much fun to find. Love the arch too - great pic!

  5. I like this Blog much better ...keep it up :-)


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