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Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Moon And Wind

OK, California, you can keep this wind—holy, moley did the wind blow today!!  As I type this blog tonight the moon is making an appearance rising above the mountains.  We love these big windows which look out over the desert and mountains beyond.  I can’t imagine living here with those original small windows!

Last night while Emmi and I were walking we watched the moon rising--

DSCN2104and the sun setting--


Sunday Michael installed the bathroom light fixtures we purchased and today he spent time designing another fixture from the leftover lights—for the kitchen—I am amazed at what my cowboy can do! 

Today Donna, Geri and I headed up the hill to Prescott.  We had a fun day hitting the junk/antique stores, Target and JoAnns plus we had a fabulous lunch at Bill’s Grill—when we walked in and looked at the menu I was afraid it was a “guy’s place” as in burgers and fries.  They did serve some awesome looking burgers but also had great sandwiches and salads—everything tasted homemade, even the buns.   A energy restoring stop at Starbucks then it was back down the hill to Congress where a dusty haze hangs from all the wind today. 

Emmi girl was glad to see me—too glad!  Peter and Beatrix—I am familiar with Cesar, the dog whisperer and followed your link to read about separation anxiety.  The Bark-Off isn’t working so it’s on to the next step and we are going to follow Cesar’s suggestions.  We can both go outside for a long time (even a couple hours) leaving Emmi inside—she doesn’t howl nor does she get off the couch when we come back in.  There is some trigger we give her telling Emmi we are leaving for a longer period of time—the treat we give her, my purse???  We are going to spend some time trying different things—hope it works because as Judy said, “a howling dog gets on your nerves.” 


  1. We sure hope you are gonna make some progress with Emmi and Cesar's advice. We have done what he recommends from the beginning and our Molly is just sleeping it off when we are gone. Never does she bark, unless a stranger gets to the house/RV, which is the only time we like her giving us a signal. But after getting our approval of the visitor she is quiet again.

  2. A car pulled into our apartment complex yesterday... with 3 big dogs and a huge bag of dog food. Everyone here has dogs and don't seem to even hear them when they bark... even at 3 am. I've no doubt you'll figure out what makes Emmi bark and get through it, but here? it doesn't seem to be a big deal at all :-(

  3. One of the things my son did with his lab was to get a puzzle food toy. Emmi isn't a big lab, though, so her puzzle would be something else, but our son found that the Kong puzzle lasted all of a few minutes. Big doggie just chewed his Kong. So, he had to go to a type of maze where the dog had to winkle out the food pieces with his tongue. Er...the DOG had to use his tongue, not our son. (oops)

  4. The wind gusted through here with vigor. It came on quickly, early Monday morning, but it also fizzled into a calming breeze last evening. People - us included - were quick to close our awnings. Phew!

  5. I'm ready for the wind to be gone. It rattled our slide out cover all night which is right above the bed. I'm really tired. Our neighbors have told us they never hear our girls while we're gone but I'm really worried about how Skitz will be when Scooter is no longer with us. She has never been alone since we got her 12 years ago. Good luck with your Emmi girl.

  6. Our New Mexico wind brought rain and thunder and lightning with it last night, it was wonderful. Supposed to be wet and blustery all day today, but I'm hoping the winds aren't strong! Lovely moon and sunset shots :-) We were unsuccessful in our attempts to quiet Tessa, hope you have better luck with Emmi.

  7. Though I'm not a fan of Arizona's high winds, I'll trade you our tornado warnings for them. Good luck with Emmi.

  8. I was in that hazy dust bowl yesterday at Sony Bono. Not pleasant!


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