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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Extreme Rock Crawling

Several of the gang have attended one of these We Rock Live events—we had not so this was the year.  We headed out just northeast of Congress where an organization called We Rock creates an event that defies logic!  Guys and girls spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to outfit these rigs with things such as front and rear steering.  Then these rigs are taken “crawling” over huge boulders and back down sheer drops.  It was loud, very dusty, hot and crowded—but a kick to watch these guys navigate over rocks the size of cars!

The ride depicted in this video was a bonus run—if you were successful, points were added to your total score.  This very short video depicts one unsuccessful guy and two who made the 20 foot drop down the sheer face of a rock look easy! 

We’ve been busy, two yoga classes in two days as we have an ATV ride planned, happy hours with friends, grocery store runs, etc.  We sold a refrigerator today and helped the lady load it into her truck. 

Other than that, we’ve been doing our usual early morning hikes in the desert and watching the desert become vivid green.  There’s rain in our forecast for early next week—that would be nice!


  1. Interesting sport but not something I would entertain....other than as a spectator.

  2. Makes you wonder who the first was to make it and how they then convinced others they should try it too :-) Very fun to watch, but tense at times I'm sure! Busy is good, glad some of it is yoga which I'm sure helps to keep you balanced.

  3. Not my kinda sport... I'd be a nervous wreck just watching!


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