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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Blog

Remember all the Live Writer hoopla??  And the complaints about the Blogger format??  I stated several times my intent to move our blog from the Blogger platform to WordPress.  Well-----I’ve started the process several times and given up.  I’m computer literate but not to the point where I can write HTML code or figure out some of the more complicated stuff one of which was how to create a re-direct link. 

If you use the free WordPress platform it does not allow for plugins—which is what a re-direct link is, a plugin.  I really didn’t want to pay for a blog which is basically just my journal—if I was making money from a blog it would be a different story. 

Well, if you are reading this blog you will see I actually was successful in creating a re-direct link!!!  And I’ve started the process of designing the new blog and welcome your feedback.  It’s a long way from finished but at least I’ve started the process.  I was so tired of looking at a word—thinking, “that’s not spelled correctly” and having no spell check in Open Live Writer.  I wanted to make some other changes too which are not possible in the Blogger platform so off we go!

How did I create the re-direct link???—Google to the rescue.  I had Googled “redirect link from Blogger to WordPress” several times and each time hit upon the roadblock of no plugins in the free WordPress version.  Tonight I had a light bulb moment and Googled, “Redirect link in Blogger blog.”  I clicked on the first hit and guess what—I did write HTML—well, actually I only did a copy and paste but it worked!!  You should have heard my “SUCCESS” shout!! Smile

I do welcome your feedback about the new blog!

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