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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garage Sale

I think Nancy gets the prize for the most disgusting story about people’s buffet habits—a lady put salad dressing on her salad then licked the spoon before putting it back into the container!!  EWWWWW!  I just can’t let my imagination run too wild or I would never go out to eat!  I contracted giardia many, many years ago after eating in a lakeside restaurant near Austin, Texas—contaminated ice they discovered—and I’ve never been sicker in my life!  I’ve also had mild cases of food poisoning—most recently last October after eating at Packer stadium in Wisconsin but if you let your mind wander—no, let’s not go there! Winking smile 

As soon as we returned from our morning desert stroll, I headed into Wickenburg for plumbing supplies and a couple grocery items.  We both spent the morning buttoning up, storing things—getting ready to depart.  Michael had the honor of draining the hot water tank—the air didn’t turn too blue during that process! Winking smileWe then greased the sides of the motorhome Winking smileand my cowboy did a fine job of backing the motorhome up to the trailer at an angle with excellent directions from his sidekick!  The only casualty of getting the motorhome/trailer turned around and parked for departure was an arm of one of the Easter cactus—the one we gave to Cathy and Mike—they were going to wait until fall to dig the cactus and move it to their yard—well, it is now minus one arm Cathy and Mike!

Just after lunch I was flicking through emails when I spotted an interesting one—an elderly lady whose husband died this spring is moving to Sun City—she was having a “starter” garage sale.  I grabbed the jeep keys and the cowboy, heading just down the street.  We made a haul!!!  A golf cart (didn’t know we wanted a golf cart until we got there)!!  A swing, tools, garden tools, a backpack weed sprayer, and some lawn ornaments. 

DSCN0750See Emmi on the seat—when we were in Texas with Rollie and Gina, Rollie bought a used golf cart for all of us to use—Emmi loved riding in it.  We couldn’t find Emmi when we were ready to go to happy hour at Jim and Ellie’s—there she was sitting in the golf cart!

DSCN0751Rita had this swing on her front porch and said the garland was to keep the birds from sitting up there and doing their business on the cushions—a little too foo-foo for my taste!  See the wicker chairs behind the swing—we got those too!  And an 8 foot fiberglass ladder—like I said, we made a haul!!  Less we have to haul from Montana in the fall!

Larry and Geri joined us in enjoying one last happy hour with Jim and Ellie along with Mike and Pat—see you in the fall guys!  One more sleep before departure!


  1. You did, indeed, make a haul! That's a neat looking golf cart.... even has a place for your tool box... what a deal!

  2. Cute picture of little Emmi on the golf cart. Extra busy times getting everything ready for travel when one has a house to leave for sure. Your situation reminds me of our situation back in 2012 when we bought our house then had to leave & head back to Canada less than a month later. Safe travels on your way back to Montana with a few ATV stops in between.

  3. How lucky for you and Rita! There was a young couple with two kids who had just bought their first home when I had my last garage sale - they made two trips with a pick-up hauling away their new treasures, and we were all so happy!! Of course you needed a golf cart :-), Emmi knew it all along.

  4. You certainly found some really good stuff at that 'starter' sale. Good thing for the garage to sore it all too.

    Safe journey back to your Montana home.


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