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Monday, April 20, 2015

This And That

While visiting with Jim and Ellie, Jim mentioned some photography he had recently seen of the Bluff, Utah area—done by a friend of Fred and Jo Wishnie. Well, if you are ready to have your socks fly off, take a look at Steve Dempsey’s photography!  Wow!

I was out the door bright and early this morning heading for Glendale—Wal Mart and Costco—picking up some things for the house and for our travels.  I was back home shortly after noon—would have gotten back sooner if I hadn’t gotten caught up in the traffic jam at the Wickenburg Ranch round-a-bout where they are laying new pavement.

Michael is busy making the garage his own installing shelving and drawers, lumber racks, etc.  He’s really pleased we bought this spot with a garage! 

Here are some photos Geri took on our ride the other day—it gives you an idea of how tough that trail really was!

ATVing2ATVingThat’s me coming around the corner—isn’t the scenery just spectacular!

Coming back into the driveway this evening late we had a treat—a momma quail and about eight little babies scurrying along—way too fast for a photo!  Fred and Nancy stopped by to say goodbye—they are heading home to Oregon tomorrow—safe travels friends! 

Michael and I performed a rescue—driving back home this evening I saw something laying in the street out ahead of us—it was a man—he had slipped on some loose rocks, fallen and could not get back up.  We helped him up and walked with him back to his home which wasn’t far delivering him to his wife who got out the first aide kit to clean up his bloody arm and elbow.  She told us this kind of thing happens way too often with him—getting old isn’t fun, is it!

As the sun was going down last night the mountain were glowing—this is the view we see from our house:



  1. Nothing cuter than baby quail! That was indeed a challenging trail - I could never do it in the passenger seat of a Razor! Your views are spectacular although I bet the cowboy doesn't see much other than the inside of his new happy place :-) I'm friends with Steve on FB so get to see his amazing photography all the time - glad you discovered him as well, his stuff is amazing!

  2. You are getting to be quite a champion driver on those rocky steep trails. Good job:) How nice that you came upon the gentleman that needed help. I'm sure he was very grateful:) Getting old sure isn't fun that why we keep so active and keep everything moving. The garage is probably the most important part of the property other than than the location. You have the MH to live in but Michael (or any man) can do so much with a garage. It sure is a beautiful area.

  3. The photography of Steve Dempsey is amazing...had to subscribe. Thanks.


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