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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meeting Blog Followers and A Ride

Before I forget, Judy plus Rusty Rebel both mentioned an app called Paper Karma which will help rid your mailbox of unwanted catalogs—seems you take a photo of the catalog and Paper Karma does the rest!

Here’s our very own little Easter bunny, Lora Elizabeth!

Just before lunch the cowboy and I were sitting in our loungers enjoying some sunshine when a couple slowly rode by on bicycles then turned into our lot.  Bill and Debbie—of pet portrait painting fame!  What an outgoing, fun couple to visit with—they will be here at North Ranch for a week and we hope to see them again!

IMG_1306Remember the owl—several times we saw her in this same alcove in the bank above a dry wash, always in the same place leading us to believe she was sitting on eggs.  We rode out this afternoon with Fred and Nancy to see if she had any little owls and sadly this is what we found--


It was a beautiful day for a ride—sunny and cool enough for jackets.  Lots of flowering cactus and gorgeous scenery as usual!


There is still lots (for this area) of water in the river.




IMG_1419See Fred and Nancy at the top of the hill and the cowboy and Emmi starting up—the hill doesn’t look very steep in this photo but dang, it is very steep!  The last time we went up this same spot we all thought it was steep but not too bad—today we had all changed our tune! 


And lastly, Larry—look what we found!!!!


The trail is blocked by a pile of rocks/dirt which slid off the face of this wall above the wash.  Not long ago on a hot day I pulled right up against this dirt wall because there was shade there—Larry said to me, “that’s not a good place to stop, Janna” and we rode on—thank you Larry!!!

Another great day in the AZ desert!



  1. Very cute Easter Bunny pics - bet you can't wait to see her again!

    Those desert photos sure look nice. You guys are really hanging in down there in the desert!

    Rick’s Posts on G+

  2. oooh just love that little Bunny!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Love the cactus blooms, so beautiful among their thorns. Hopefully mama owl and her family have all moved on together :-) Who knew Larry was a "wall whisperer"???? Good guy to have along :-)

  4. Cute photo of Lora Elizabeth.

    The desert where you are at is so green! Nice to see and nice to see some water flowing too. Good advice on not hanging near that rock wall....!

  5. Lora Elizabeth makes the cutest Easter bunny:)

    Love the desert photos:) So glad you weren't resting by that wall when it tumbled!

  6. Cute little girl. You must be so proud. I bet Montana misses you!


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