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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photos and Socializing

It’s been a while since I posted any photos of our great-grandbaby Lora who is now almost 8 months old--

Lonn and LoraLoraRiding horses with Grandpa Lonn.

HomeThis photo was taken by Dale Oberly and shows our valley in Montana—not much snow and a hint of green!

Friday kind of passed us by but we did go over to Wickenburg with the ATV gang to enjoy a delicious meal at Quorri’s last night. 

The extent of my activities today involved baking a strawberry cake and taking a nap.  I did have to walk over to Jim and Ellie’s to bake the cake—it required a 9x13 pan which won’t fit in my convection oven.  Thank goodness for friends with full size ovens!

Tonight the ATV gang drove out into the desert for a campfire and happy hour with everyone bringing a snack to share.  We so enjoy this group of friends—they keep us laughing for sure!  It was a warm, beautiful evening as we sat and watched the sun go down and the moon come up. 







The back is better, not running any races yet but it is better.  Life is good.


  1. Oh wow! Teaching that young'n to ride early! She's beautiful!

  2. Glad to hear your back is slowing improving:) Lora is adorable:) I'm sure you are missing seeing her. It will be nice for you when you return to Big Timber to have no snow but it sure isn't good for the summer water supply. That is one big stick Emmi is taking on;)

  3. Wish we had known you were in Wickenburg! We were there for a week and would have loved to meet you. Now, we are near Cottonwood for a week. So glad your back is improving. That grand is so cute I could tweak her cute little cheeks....

  4. Your homestead area is still one of the most beautiful areas we've been to.

  5. Looks like you'll be figuring out how to get all the wheels rolling north pretty soon. Can't believe Lora is so big already - she's precious. I wish someone would come bake a cake in my oven - best smell there is :-) I love that your gang gets out in the desert for a sunset. Your pics are lovely.


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