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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow Saturday

Yep, not much going on around this little desert spot except cleaning and cooking!  Last night we enjoyed a tremendously good potluck dinner with our ATV friends at the Biltmore tent with Larry and Geri.  Ribs, corn on the cob, lasagna, french bread, salad, baked beans, potato salad and brownies with ice cream!!

Today I finished cleaning the floors in the house—ugh!  The house hasn’t been lived in for over a year and I’m not sure much cleaning went on before that judging by the condition of the floors!  I was using my little motorhome vacuum and it was getting a workout!

IMG_1455IMG_1469These were taken on our Tuesday ride, didn’t think you wanted to see photos of me vacuuming!

Michael changed all the door locks today and yesterday spent some time building a work bench in his garage—at least he is now letting the jeep park in the garage!  He has also worked on the tree watering system making sure the timers all have new batteries, etc.—the citrus trees will need water. 

We are making plans for our departure some time next week—it seems as if we’ve been gone a long time this year—I had a message from one granddaughter today who said, “are you guys ever coming home?”  Guess it might be time!

We absolutely love the view from our motorhome windows, desert trees (still green) and craggy mountains—life is good!


  1. Yes, life is good!! Glad the house cleaning and fixing is moving along:)

  2. That's quite the pot luck spread, sounds delicious.

  3. You seem to have found your little slice of heaven!! The views are wonderful and totally different to your Montana!

  4. Nothing like chores to get that hitch itch stirring 😀


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