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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Billings Again

Perhaps we should have a house in Billings as much time as we are spending there lately! I had a doctor's appointment again today so off we went early this morning. Michael took the truck and long gooseneck trailer in and picked up our just arrived garage doors. I followed a little later and we took the better gas mileage Explorer to Billings.

Mom stayed behind to get her hair cut and to try and stuff some more of her things into boxes so we can mail it back to Arkansas. On Thursday a cousin and his wife are flying into Billings to drive back to Arkansas with Mom with just a small side trip to Oregon and California to visit friends and relatives. With two extra people in the car Mom needed to make room for more suitcases so we are shipping some of her stuff.

We didn't tarry long in Billings. When we got home, I had time to mow the grass and clean the RV. Michael got ready to head off to work tomorrow.

It was a "hold onto your hat" kind of day in Montana today, windy was an understatement.

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