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Monday, September 29, 2008

Exercise, UGH

My father was a long tall drink of water as they say in the south meaning he was tall and skinny. He could eat like a horse and never gain a pound. I was just like him until I turned forty! Now, if I am going to wear my clothes in the size that I have vowed never to go above, I have to exercise, UGH! We walk every morning at least 2 miles, sometimes farther but that just doesn't seem to cut it so out come the weights and the mat and I still don't like it!

I worked on my quilting again today and did some laundry. Michael tried to clean up out in the new garage today and installed a phone line out there.

About 3pm we decided to take a ride on the motorcycle, our days have been so beautiful and the fall colors are starting to appear. We visited with Michael's Dad and discussed how much money we are all loosing in the stock market and the failure of the House to pass the bailout bill. None of us can understand why we have to bail out these banks who made extremely poor business decisions over the last few years. Why do we have to rescue people who knew they couldn't afford the home they purchased? Why can't people take responsibility for their own actions?

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream (yes, that is why I exercise) and to pick up a few groceries. It got a little chilly before we got home, glad we had on leather jackets and gloves!

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