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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bears, Bears Everywhere

When we got home yesterday, there was bear sign everywhere--bear poop in the driveway and out by the garage. But the scariest sign was the paw prints on my living room windows--you can see the definite outline of two bear paw prints in the dust on the windows!!! We have large chokecherry trees lining the side of our lower driveway leading into the basement and the bears broke the top out of one of those trees while we were gone to South Dakota.

This morning while reading the paper on the internet I looked up and there was a bear at the end of our deck bridge, eating chokecherries. I jumped up and went out on the deck but I was not quick enough to get any good photos, Jazz began to bark at him from inside the house and he took off. Then, Jazz and I went for a walk and when we were almost home a bear ran out of the bushes and up the hill away from us--a beautiful cinnamon colored bear.

Michael went off to work today and Mom and I did load after load of laundry, I don't think she washed clothes all summer! I did get another practice quilt loaded onto my machine with much difficulty!

We finished off the last of the corn on the cob tonight that the friends from Oregon brought and we are down to just a few of the peaches they left with us, YUM!

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