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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Off to Billings with Nat

I am off to Billings today with Nat to have his second cataract surgery done. His first eye done a couple of weeks ago was a success. It will be a long day, I am sure for him--he is an avid breakfast eater and is not allowed to eat this morning but his surgery is not scheduled until after 12pm! Poor guy!

We have been experiencing many, multiple problems with our Hughes satellite internet provider. We gave up our in home DSL several years ago in order to be able to have the flexibility of taking the satellite with us when we traveled in the RV. Michael belongs to a Yahoo group of satellite users, mostly RV'ers and everyone seems to be having issues with Hughes. Michael's son Lonn has Hughes systems on the ranch he manages and has been having the same issues. But when you call Hughes, you get the proverbial runaround. So with that said, we are switching back to DSL in our home and putting our Hughes on vacation until we are ready to travel again.

Yesterday we spent the day in Billings shuffling me around to physicians. I am still dealing with the hand and mouth ulcer thing and it is getting old--I am weary. On Monday next week I will see an infectious disease specialist. My internist gave me a prescription for medication to "try" and when I took the prescription to Costco yesterday afternoon, I was told a 30 day supply of this "to try" medication was $839! They almost had to treat me for another condition--a heart attack! I declined to fill the prescription and we started home very discouraged. I checked for the cost of this medication and found that a 30 day supply from Canada would cost me $97!!!!!!! So, I am now thinking Costco made a mistake--there is always a price difference between the US and Canada but not THAT much. I will go by Costco again today while in Billings with Nat.

I better get started!

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  1. $839????? OMG! I would have had a heart attack, too! I can't believe you are still having trouble with the ulcers...of course, I'm done with the Prednisone for the Sulfa allergy rash...slowed it down, but now it's back. Now taking OTC Benadry & Tagamet. Not really working but know it will eventually leave my system. At least I know what it is! Sending you a HUGE Froggi hug!


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