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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Cataracts

Nat and I got back to Big Timber about 4pm, everything went well and we go back to Billings in the morning to get the patch removed--the truck is starting to travel down the road to Billings all by itself!

Michael practiced frugality today--he has an old welder that belonged to his Dad. Nat says every time he sees the old thing he thinks of Mike when he was a kid attempting to weld an engine to his bicycle. The welder had stopped working so being the frugal guy he is, he took the thing apart, cut apart an old fiberglass sink to use for parts, and built himself a new circuit board. It works!!!

Yesterday we picked up some more "Park City corn" and that's what we had for dinner. Michael had hamburger, too, but I just had corn and cantaloupe. Summer is almost over, we had better take advantage of what fresh veggies we can find!

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