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Monday, September 15, 2008

Axle Fixing Day

It was a "why we live in Montana" kind of day, warm, about 80 degrees and sunny. We took a nice walk this morning and took note of all the new bear poop along our trail--makes you kind of look around nervously, wondering if Mr. Black Bear is sleeping behind the bushes along your trail!!

Michael and Ainslie started on the big job of replacing our RV axles. One of the axles had bent and Michael decided that if he was going to replace it, he would replace both axles with heavier ones. He ordered the axles from Florida and they were delivered last week. By late afternoon, the guys had both new axles on the trailer. Michael says that heavier axles do not mean I can pack more stuff into the RV--imagine that!!

Nat came up today to saw some logs on his sawmill and to have lunch with us. After lunch, Beryl and I drove into Big Timber and dropped off the tires and replacement rims at the tire shop and also picked up two new tires for their travel trailer. We looked around Big Timber and stopped by Cinnabar Creek for a coffee drink and for Beryl to see the store.

I cooked baby back ribs today and that's what we had for supper. After supper as it was nearing twilight, we walked over to the gulch to see if we could see Mr. Black Bear and we got lucky. It was almost too dark to see when the bear came meandering down the hillside. He was a very big black bear, too. Now, when we walk in the morning, I will definitely wonder if he is sleeping under the bushes alongside our trail!

These are some more Yellowstone National Park photos. A herd of buffalo alongside the Yellowstone River.
Old Faithful Inn
A buffalo traffic jam, he just sauntered along the road paying absolutely no attention to the cars.

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