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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All Packed

It’s hard to pack for one climate—chilly with rain—when you are landing in 92 degree sunshine with icky humidity!  I think I’m ready.  I’m not taking a laptop, only my iPad, so blogs may be non-existent until I return on Saturday evening.  This “event” is a yearly gathering of four nurses who worked together for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  Shirley is our hostess this year and lives near Austin, Texas.  Elaine lives in Kentucky and Kelly lives in Kansas City. 

Today was a Billings day and I think I’m done being poked and prodded for the year!—today was mammogram day—have all you lady readers out there had your mammogram this year???  I also visited the hairdresser for a trim.  And, we ran the usual assortment of errands—one of those errands will make life around the motorhome a little easier on the ears!  Our bay doors—heavy doors—are held open by gas cylinders.  Some of those cylinders were old and had lost their “hold” causing the air to turn blue when the bay door hit the cowboy on top of the head! SmileHe had a credit at the RV store and was able to purchase six of the cylinders with his credit—one happy dude!

Last night sunset was gorgeous when Emmi and I walked--


Emmi and Michael will hold down the fort while I am gone.  When I get back we have company coming from Oregon—Ainsley and Beryl!

DSCN3228-001Our house in the woods.


  1. You had me confused with your opening. My mind immediately went to Wickenburg when I read "All Packed." So when I was reading "one season" and "humidity," I was really wondering. I totally forgot you were heading out with girlfriends...haha! Have a wonderful time and try not to melt with the humidity:) Glad the "blue" air will be replaced with much calmer, clear air:) I've never seen your house in the woods from the distance. What an amazing setting! Just beautiful:)

  2. Beautiful setting and it looks like fall is setting in. Enjoy your journey.
    No more mammograms for me. Read too much detrimental stuff on that. At my age I don't care anymore, something is going to get me in the end, regardless ;-)

  3. House in the woods = Tyn Y Coed (Welsh)

  4. I'm sure you're having a great girl visit, no matter the weather where you are. I always feel much better when I get my screenings done. Too many of my friends have found breast cancer in the early stage as a result of timely mammograms which keeps me on schedule! Beautiful skies :-))))


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