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Friday, September 9, 2016

Quilts Finished, Visitor, Little Indians

A friend has started a new website and while searching for photos for that website, I ran across this one--two wild little Indians—now all grown up, my nephews.  Trenton the oldest is now 22 and Clayton is 20.  When we lived in the other ranch house, my brother Ross, his wife Vicky and the two boys came to visit.  Michael thought the boys would enjoy playing in the teepee but they were scared to death of it—they were sure the “Indians” were coming to get them! 


A Facebook message about lunch time led to our visitor for the night or two—Michael is an only child as was his mother.  His only living relatives are three first cousins and four second cousins—no one else.  I on the other hand have 14 first cousins, 23 second cousins, four aunts and two uncles.  Michael’s cousin Pat was in the neighborhood and came to visit—here are the two “old” guys looking through family history.  Pat brought Michael a diary written by their grandfather—pretty amazing!!


Here are some photos of the quilt I just finished for my dear friend Jeane—it was a small one and the custom quilting was fun—I love this one and almost didn’t give it back!!






Here is a link to our good friend’s new website—Terry is an artist—he takes new stuff and makes it look old, he takes old cabins and brings them back to life and he takes new buildings and makes them look as if they’ve been around for centuries.  TBaird Construction—check it out! 

A gorgeous day in Montana, a little breezy but sunny! 

And one happy Brooks!!!  Isn’t he adorable!


  1. How neat to read the diary from his grandfather! The quilt is gorgeous!! Love the color:) Brooks is a real sweety:)

  2. I have my grandmother's diary - she passed long before I was born - it is one of my most treasured possessions. That is a stunning quilt!! Love the pattern and the colors.

  3. I loved today's blog. Jim and I laughed about your two nephews being afraid of the tepee. The quilt is gorgeous. I readily understand why you wanted to keep it. The journal is exciting. I kept journals for about 15 years--not sure anyone would be interested. :-)

  4. Your friend must be over the moon with the quilting that you did on her quilt! Absolutely beautiful...and so is little Brooks! It would be hard not to smother those chubby cheeks with smooches!


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