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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crafty, Cooking, A Close Call

All the chores are done—the ones you have to do when you husband and dog have been home alone for a few days and I’ve been in the quilt studio.  I made these really cute bags—easy and quick!

DSCN0263I finished another small quilt of my own but it’s a gift so photos will have to wait.

We have friends from Coos Bay, Oregon visiting so I made dessert—something I don’t usually do unless we have guests!  I used the apples from our own tree to make apple sharlotka—a very moist fruit filled cake—delicious!  Ainslie and Beryl arrived this afternoon with their fifth wheel.  We enjoyed a marinated sirloin, roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach.


Yesterday Emmi and I went outside to play ball—I was looking at all the golden aspen trees.  In a matter of seconds I saw out of the corner of my eye Emmi jump sideways and heard the rattlesnake.  I quickly skirted the rattlensake and grabbed Emmi while yelling for Michael.  She didn’t appear to have been bitten by the snake—it was a small rattlesnake with only three tail buttons.  We have lived in this house by the creek for 14 years and have never seen a rattlesnake around the yard or house.  We have seen many snakes in the hayfields, just not here at the house—I’m not thrilled!


We are enjoying glorious fall weather, we even dined on the deck this evening!


  1. So glad Emmi is all right! Close call for sure. The bags are just cute. Love the colors in the green one:) The apple cake looks yummy and with your own apples!

  2. That is much too close for Emmi. So happy you got to her quickly. This weather has even got the snakes confused. They don't know where they're supposed to be.

  3. Yikes to the snake!!! So happy Emmi heard it too and jumped clear! A little too close for comfort!

  4. I love those bags. Your zippers look great on the ends. Do you have a pattern or process you can recommend? I can never get the zipper ends to look as nice as yours. Would love to learn.

  5. Apple dessert looks delicious ! Surely you will share the recipe with us.
    Can't just leave me drooling and apples are so plentiful now.
    Very happy that Emmi was safe and didn't get bit by the rattlesnake. Scary!


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