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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Double Comments

Halleluiah!!!!!  Remember when this computer inept blogger tried to move her blog from Blogger to WordPress?  It was a lesson in how computer inept she actually was!  HTML code—holy smokes!!  Well, since that time when some readers would leave comments the same comment would appear twice.  I buried my head in the sand and assumed it was a reader issue and not my issue.  Well for some reason, I decided to try a fix on Saturday morning.  Mr. Google to the rescue once again.  I found this article, How To Reset Blogger Templates, gritted my teeth and changed the HTML code as the writer suggested.

I then sent Sandie an email asking her to post a “test” comment on the blog.  Sandie was one of the readers whose comments would appear twice.  It worked—finally!!! 

When I see this particular scene I know our southern migration is about to be soon!

DSCN3209I have an upcoming girlfriend trip this week—our high on temperature on Wednesday is a predicted 55 degrees—high temperature where I am headed—91 degrees!!

Sunday we went into town and spent the afternoon with Nat.  Michael and Nat enjoyed discussing the diary cousin Pat gave Michael, the diary belonging to Nat’s father. 

DSCN3212Fall colors are appearing rapidly—last night when Emmi and I took our last walk the sun was hitting this patch making the colors pop.  This hillside above our house was part of a “back burn”—an attempt to keep the 2006 Derby fire from reaching us. 

Not much going on around here—just everyday happenings.


  1. Always sweet when a fix actually fixes - congrats! Looks like things are getting ready to roll :-) Safe travels to your warmer gathering. Beautiful photo of the fall colors!!

  2. The colors really are changing rapidly. I am really happy my comments don't show up double for you. It really is frustrating. Have fun on your trip.

  3. Have a great girlfriend weekend! Time to pack for the winter move! Wahoo!!

  4. I would actually like to feel 51 degrees again. It was 94 here today:(


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