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Friday, September 16, 2016

Missing In Action

After missing the deadline by 10 years and being hounded to death by various healthcare providers I gave up and had my first and only colonoscopy Thurday.  First and only!

We’ve had some beautiful fall days lately and today was too lovely to stay indoors.  We loaded Emmi and ourselves into the truck heading toward Fishtail and Nye, Montana.  We were a little early for fall color but the scenery still takes your breath away! 


DSCN3177DSCN3182These mountains are part of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area and are about two hours from our home. 

DSCN3184We saw deer and ducks—no other critters, dang it!

In Fishtail, Montana—don’t blink, you will miss it—there is a restaurant called The Cowboy Bar.  Today we enjoyed one of the best meals ever—both of us ordered the prime rib sandwich.  When the waitress brought the meals we were amazed—a huge slab of beef on each plate with homemade french fries—the meat was fork tender and delicious!  Well worth the whopping price of $11 they charged for the sandwich!!!!

After lunch we headed out the road to Mystic Lake which is located in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness accessible only by foot or horseback.  There are two other lakes before reaching the end of the driveable road—Emerald and West Rosebud.  Huge mountains iced in snow, mountain lakes, a hint of fall color and 60 degrees equals a perfect day!


On the way home through the town of Absaroka the homecoming parade was in progress—not sure why those girls were on the sidewalk with their horses but they sure were taking a lot of ribbing from the football guys on the floats.


A perfect day!


  1. Great photos on a great day and if we ever get out that-a-way some day I'm a gonna get me one of them there prime rib sandwiches for sure. Maybe two eh:))

  2. Such beautiful scenery.... and... everyone loves a parade!

  3. If you get to Shelby go to the Montana Club bar (not connected to the Montana Club restaurants) and have their steak sandwich. Like the Cowboy Bar it was a huge rib eye steak and was amazing. For $11.50. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and so are your pictures. My sister also had one and only one colonoscopy.

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  5. The prep is the worst! A wonderful thing to be done with. What a beautiful drive in the mountains - especially love the snow saddles. Football players always give FFA kids a hard time, it's like there's rules that require it :-)

  6. Gorgeous! Am enjoying Fall colors here.

  7. OMG Janna, as a nurse you should know that colonoscopy's save lives! I know the prep is not fun but everyone should be able to handle that once every 5 years....My husband's colorectal cancer was found early and although he had major surgery he is still here today because of that one test.

  8. First and Only...went that well:) What a great drive and 60 is a perfect temp!


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