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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fruit, La Fiesta And Cactus

Having never had citrus trees we are winging it--someone told us that if the tree shows signs of blooming--pick the fruit.  So, pick we did getting two five gallon buckets of lemons which we juiced then froze that juice.  We also picked almost two five gallon buckets of oranges and a total of nine grapefruit.

Oranges and Grapefruits

Friday and Saturday was the annual North Ranch La Fiesta celebration--a dance, parade, craft fair, bean bag toss tournament, lunch, scavenger hunt and silent auction.  The parade was fun as usual--

Veterans from North Ranch

The guys and Emmi watching the parade in comfort!

Emmi all dressed up in Madi Gras beads Geri gave her--she looks as thrilled with those as she is with her ATV goggles!

Mike was Emmi's babysitter while the cowboy and I visited the craft fair.

 Saturday evening the gang joined us here at the house for pizza to bid farewell to Barry and Donna who are making their way back to Arkansas.  We will miss them greatly.  Emmi says she won't miss that Parker dog!

Today has been a quiet Sunday, Michael has been painting and I've been working on our curtains and sprucing up the Emmi dog.   Our temps are cooler and the wind is howling creating one heck of a dust storm!

Saturday we spotted the first blooming cactus of the year here in North Ranch--


  1. I have frozen orange slices to put in my water glass - works great instead of ice cubes! Looks like you got quite the haul from your place! Little parades are so fun. I think Emmi likes being the only dog - everybody's dog :-)))) Glorious blooms!

  2. Sorry we missed the parade. Emmi looks so cute in her beads, but I can just hear her inner thoughts:) Nothing like fruit trees in your yard!!!


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