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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Cactus Are Blooming

The curtains are finished—finally!  Now we can sit in our chairs every morning without the sun blinding is!  Yesterday was a “finish projects” kind of day plus Jane and I went to the grocery store.  Michael completed some routine maintenance on the CanAm and today he painted—I love the one he’s doing this time!

Yoga was outside again this morning—we chose the sun over shade today as our temps coupled with the wind made things a mite chilly!  I am glad to see those 90 degrees temps leave!  Neither of us has ever had a “swamp cooler.”  Michael grew up in Montana—no need for air conditioning of any kind and the south where I grew up is too humid for using swamp coolers.  This house has both an air conditioning unit and a swamp cooler—this time of year we raise the windows and use the swamp cooler—so pleasant!!


I tackled the Chromebook again today and was successful in getting my HOA work done—I’m even getting comfortable with the keyboard.

There is a woodcarving workshop happening at North Ranch this entire week.  Michael went yesterday to check out the activities and came back to say, “you have to go up and see the cowboys they are carving—one of them could be a dead ringer for Jim (a good friend from Montana).”  So back up to the Activities Center we went and when I stepped up to the table of woodcarved cowboys there was no doubt as to which one Michael thought looked like Jim.


These are some talented men and women--

DSCN2236Our friend Bonnie carving an owl.DSCN2238Tom helping one of his students—Tom carved the “cowboy” for me.

DSCN2240Robert showing Michael the flute he has carved.

DSCN2242Isn’t this roadrunner stunning—even the base is wood.  Just look at the detail!DSCN2244


The Easter cactus in the park are blooming—just in time!



  1. We missed going to the carvers this year but there are many who are talented. They will display everything the last day.

  2. Beautiful photos of those flowering cacti and the awesome, creative wood carvings. It does take talent to produce those wooden pieces.

  3. The carvings are amazing!! That roadrunner looks real. Love the cowboy and the detail.

    How pretty the blooming cacti are:) We left just a little early.

  4. Definitely some really talented folks up your way. Everything is blooming down this way and my nose knows it.

  5. You even got a picture of a bee in the flower! Awesome! Always loved the wood carvings. When I look at a piece of wood, I don't see a cowboy; I just see wood. Hence, my talent is but a fleeting desire.


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