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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Navajo Code Talker

During yoga last Wednesday, Christine announced that a Native American Code Talker would be speaking at the American Legion in Wickenburg this weekend.  Jane and Rich decided to go and brought back a pamphlet about Samuel Tom Holiday who lives in Kayenta, AZ and served as a Marine in the Pacific.  The pamphlet states: “unlike most languages, Navajo was unwritten at the time and is practically impossible for an adult to learn.  Every syllable carries meaning and sometimes a single word can have four or more different meanings depending on intonation.  Dialects vary from region to region even within Navajo clans.  In the thick of battle, they would send messages nonstop for up to 15-18 hours, passing vital information about enemy fire, troop movement and to request medical help.  Military historians note that during the first 48 hours of the invasions of Iwo Jima, Navajo radio units sent and received more than 800 messages with 100% accuracy.” 

Michael and I just spent the day hanging out—he worked on our taxes and I finished one panel of the curtains I am making for the huge window we installed last fall. 

Friday evening the ATV gang gathered at our house to feast once again.  Geri asked me at the beginning of the week if I would consider cooking prime rib for everybody—everyone donated money to offset the cost of the beef and also brought side dishes.  I grilled the prime rib roast and it was delicious!  Poor Geri was under the weather and didn’t get to come but we sent Larry home with a plate for her.  Delicious food and great friends!

DSCN2229DSCN2230And there’s Emmi—always the center of attention!

Larry and Michael went to a garage sale late yesterday afternoon and came home with a new grill for me—an Ironware Great Outdoors and it’s RED!  It has a large grilling surface with two burners and a deep lid—I was brave and used it to grill the prime rib. 

Life is good!


  1. Still busy as usual with get togethers and more. Taxes? Yuk. That's what we have to look forward to when we roll home in early April.

  2. I see you have "shirt sleeve" weather... we came back to Texas to jeans and sweaters. What fun those get-togethers must be!

  3. You are making me drool! I haven't had prime rib in decades.

  4. We are in Navajo County right now, hoping to get to the small museum. The code talkers was such a brilliant and successful plan - probably the last un-hackable code we'll ever use. How fun to have the whole gang over to christen the new grill. I'm always suspicious when hubby buys me cookware :-)

  5. John would really have enjoyed hearing the Navajo Code Talker. Too bad it wasn't last week.

    I love my two burner grill and don't know what I will do when it goes. What a nice surprise for you:)


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