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Friday, March 25, 2016

Wood Turning

Our friend Bonnie is an expert wood turner using a Jet lathe.  Thursday afternoon she gave a demonstration during the woodcarver workshop.  She made a beautiful spinning top, a tiny goblet and presented a very interesting talk.

DSCN2260DSCN2264Bonnie used some sort of tool to make the ring while she was turning the rest of the goblet.

Thursday I spent some time on the phone talking to friends—it had been too long.  I checked in with Nancy and Fred—some ATVing North Ranch friends who are in Oregon right now with a very ill family member.  I also checked in with our long time friend Mary hearing about all the trips she has taken this winter—a European river cruise, Hawaii and Mexico—she’s a busy lady!

As the day came to a close with Jane and me walking the dogs the sunset began.  Grabbing the camera and jumping in the golf cart I managed to catch some of the color--


And here’s what the cowboy has been working on—amazing!!


Life is good.


  1. Beautiful sunsets there in Arizona.
    Your Cowboy is so there anything he absolutely can't do?

  2. I really like that painting Mike did.

  3. I make lots of sawdust with my lathe, but not many useful items. Nice goblet, and much nicer painting. As you've mentioned many times, you have one talented cowboy.

  4. That ring around the stem of the goblet is very cool!!! I would have enjoyed watching that demo.

    Gorgeous sunset:)

    The background on Michael's painting is so unique. What a talented fellow!

  5. That painting just draws you right into it.

  6. So much talent in one post! Even mother nature contributed nicely to the collection :-) Always nice to catch up with good friends.

  7. That Cowboy ---he is so talented and lucky -- Lucky because he has you!!


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