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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yoga, Christmas Decorations

It sure seems as if North Ranch was ready for yoga—today was our third class and we again had about fifteen participants.  Most of the class has never done yoga but they are eager to learn and it is a joy to lead them—I am loving it!

IMG_3925We took the golf cart out again last night just at dusk and I was able to get a photo of this cute blow up Christmas decoration—the door closes then in a few seconds opens again and there is Santa—adorable!  Seems my newer Canon Powershot SX700 HS has a problem—we purchased this camera in August of 2014 for our Alaska trip and it’s the camera we take along on the ATV trips.  The flash has decided to not work—bummer!  When we get back to Arizona from our trip home for Christmas I will package it up and send it back to Canon.

It’s been a long, long time since I frequented a laundromat—I had to use the one in Congress as the North Ranch laundromats do not have one of the larger machines which would hold my king size down comforter.  We purchased this comforter since we’ve been here in Arizona and today washed it for the first time—I specifically purchased a light weight down comforter which was machine wash/dry.  Well, I followed the wash/dry directions to a “T” and the dang thing shrunk probably 12 inches!!!!  I am not a happy camper!

Emmi and I usually head out for an evening walk just before dusk—a couple nights ago sunset was awesome!



The cowboy did some welding for a friend this morning then spent some time washing both the CanAm and the jeep. 

I think she likes ice cream!

Lora is on vacation with her Mom and Dad.


  1. Love that blow up! Every RV park needs one!

    So sorry to hear about your comforter. That is a lot of shrinking!!! I've never washed ours, just the duvet cover. Now I will definitely not wash it!

    Lora is soo cute!!! Great ice cream photo:)

  2. I bite the bullet and take ours to a dry cleaner even though it says its washable.


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