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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home Again

Well, I see there is nothing new on the Live Writer home front--I've been away for a couple days and wrote my last blog in advance of leaving using Blogger.  I attempted a Live Writer "test post" tonight and got the same error message.  I'm investigating Word Press as I've decided I do still want to continue the blog if for nothing but my own documentation--and I'm not crazy about Blogger after using Live Writer for so long.

Gosh, where did December go???  I just spent a couple days in California--holy, moly--I could not live and commute to a job in all that traffic.  It seemed as if we spent more time sitting in traffic than we did anything else!  We did eat some spectacular food--if you ever find yourself in Burlingame, California have dinner at Cafe Figdro Italian Restaurant--one of the best meals I've ever had and not expensive!  Did a little Christmas shopping and was taken aback by the clerks saying, "would you like a bag for an extra $0.10?"  WHAT, HUH????  Yep, if you want a bag to contain your purchases, you will pay $0.10 for it--sure was glad I was carrying a large handbag!!

My cowboy and little Emmi were sure glad to see me this afternoon--they've been working on a few projects, doing a little walking and enduring some not so Arizona like temperatures.

Christmas will be here before we know it!

Sunset photos taken over last weekend:


  1. The temps have been way too cool, but we've had great sunsets:)

  2. Paying for a bag was common in Spain, but we've yet to encounter that in the USA. With the push for folks to bring their own reusable bags maybe that's a good thing. I hate seeing Walmart bags hanging from trees and laying alongside the highways. Nice sunsets!

  3. Interesting that they charge you a dime for a bag while at the few stores I've been at that reward you for bringing your own cloth bag, they only refund you a nickel. ;)

  4. Glad to hear the bag charge is spreading, we had it in SoCal for a couple years. You definitely were in the worst area of CA for traffic, although it's also a very beautiful area :-) It was nearly as bad in L.A., making my flying commute to Sacramento shorter than a drive to downtown every week!! Hope the new OLW works for you.

  5. Love your new kitchen.

    Great cabinets.

    Enjoying your ATV adventures and the remodeling of your house.

    Jan White


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